Wednesday, August 4, 2010

we're pouting

tomorrow i go back to work. it's been 3 glorious months of vacation... er.... "maternity leave".

turns out i like trading in my heels & dress pants for slippers & pj's til noon. the fact that i'm up blogging this at 11:30 tells you how scared i am for tomorrow to get here. parker will be in good hands while i'm gone. sam is working from home half the time & a very good, trustworthy friend has him the other half.

it's not him i'm worried about. it's me. i like my days at home with my little boy.

now, before i get all overly dramatic on ya'll, just know that i'm only going back one day a week. yup. one day in the office, plus one day working from home. that's it. i know, i know... i got it good.

but gosh darnit, those 8 hours out of my house & in the office are gonna be hard at first. how do you full time working moms do it?

wish me luck.


  1. Good luck Amy!!! You'll just enjoy your time with the little dude THAT much more when you are home :)

  2. I don't know how full timer moms do it either!!! Sounds like you have it made :o)

  3. I was feeling so sad for you, then read it was only one day a week. NOT that I don't still feel sad for you, but I am with you and others, I don't know how full-times do it! I LOVE my mommy job!


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