Monday, August 30, 2010

p-ray's poster giveaway

so i've gotten quite a few emails asking about the alpha poster seen in the nursery post. it's an 11" x 14" print i made custom for p-ray's room.

i am so happy with the way it turned out & i wanna share the love. sooooooo......

i'm going to be giving away a custom alpha poster to a blog reader!

how is it custom you ask? just show me your colors & i can adjust it accordingly. for example, the image below has oranges & blues incorporated as opposed to the more neutral color scheme i chose for parker's room {think pinks & purples, or neons or black/white. whatever your heart desires}.


don't have any need for nursery art? enter anyway! c'mon, it's free stuff. give it away to a friend's-brother's-pregnant-aunt. or maybe just use it as a placemat for your dog dishes?

the point is, i want to know who's out there. i get a pretty decent number of hits to the blog every day & i wanna know who you are.

so, here's how to enter:

1. become a follower of "i guess you could say we have..." on google friend connect - 3 entries
{already a follower? just mention that in a comment & i'll give ya the entries}

2. vote for "i guess you could say we have..." in the top baby blogs - 1 entry/day
{i can't see who voted, so just tell me you did in a comment. i trust ya.}

3. comment this post & tell me how long you've been reading & how you found us - 2 entries

A winner will be picked one week from today, september 6 at 10:00 pm pst using

and if you couldn't care less about an alpha poster, or nursery things, or giving away something that cool to someone who might like it, just keep on lurking & living in your shadows.

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  1. Voted and you're #97 now. Already following you. Been reading since day one when you posted like every 3 months. Thats dedication!

  2. I love your blog! And I love this poster :) I've been following since your pregnancy and I found you on The Bump.

    And I voted :)

  3. ben, you're funny. glad you're still a devoted follower despite the turn of mommy blogging it's taken :)

    jenny - thanks for reading!

  4. Hi Amy! My name is Megan & I found you on Top Baby Blogs last week. Love your nursery & Parker is such a happy baby. I voted for you!

  5. Ok, I'm entering. I found you a while back on the Bump.

  6. Ooh! I really want this for baby boy's room especially since I now have a room just for him with nothing else in it but his stuff!

    I've been reading your blog for a long time, I mean I'm family! :)

    And I voted, and I am a follower. What a fun giveaway!

  7. WOOHOO!
    1. Done.
    2. So done. Multiples. Did way back when you first posted to Facebook that people should vote. And again since then.
    3. Forever. And by "forever" I mean since we became Facebook friends in June and I saw the blog (which you termed "frequently neglected," though it is not!) on your Facebook profile. I read it every time I see a Facebook post about a new blog post. Lovin' it. Maybe Poppy needs a blog.

    BTW I never win anything unless you count a drawing for a 10-speed bike, when I was in elementary school. Unless it's a competition. Then I crush.

  8. Hey Bozo, who would want that thing? Consider this my official entry. Noticed that some people here are from, It's me trollyvantrollhousen!

  9. Megan & Ashley - thanks for your entry!

    Malerie - thanks for entering... I am SO excited for that little boy of yours to get here too!

    Whitney - Poppy definitely needs her own blog! I have no doubt it would be hilarious. you crack me up.

    Ryan - glad to see you're sticking with our new thing of calling people bozos. haven't seen you around the bump as trollyvantrollhousen for a while.

  10. Voted for you and I'm a new follower! Found you on TBB :)

  11. SUPER CUTE! im re-decorating corbins room right now and one of these in bright fun colors would fit perfectly!

  12. i have been following your blog since august 28th! haha so glad i found it!

  13. I am a new follower! I discovered your blog while lurking on Nurseries and Baby Gear on The Bump.

    Adorable giveaway!

  14. I voted!! I found you on the bump, you were about 2 months ahead of me and I found you when I was lurking.

    Love your blog and all your pictures! :) Parker is adorable!

    If I don't win can you spill where you got it from so I can get one! I definitely think Aiden needs one for his room. We just moved and it's pretty bare in there!! :)

  15. Wow Amy! You are becoming so popular. I'm loving the ever-changing look to your blog.

    I voted on TBB.

    What else gets me entries? Oh yeah, I've been reading your blog from the beginning.

    You know, since the chances of me actually winning the giveaway are slim, you could always make one for me when our baby is born. (wink, wink)

  16. I WANT TO WIN!!! :) I have been following since magic happened one December day when I knew we were going to be great friends!! PS.... I have voted every day!! #1 here we come!

  17. Hey it's Lola! I never sign into my account so ill just leave this as annoymous lol
    anyways... Wow, lots of compotition! I was going to enter, but i don't get online (from an actual computer) enough to keep up. Buuut just thought i'd share i read your blogs all the time ! sometimes ill go to your facebook randomly to see if maybe i missed an update (: your a great writter, you inspire me as a person, a mom, and a writer. your a great example missy! oh, i've been reading everysince you've been pregnat! everysingle post. and i vote every single day! (:


  18. I'm in! And I voted..again! I found through my hubby who loves you dearly! I always wish we lived closer!

  19. Lori - I left a comment on your blog... thanks for entering :)

    Jill - even husky fans are allowed to enter :) I'm following your blog now too.

    Kelsey - glad you found us, hope you come back often!

    YM&TBM3 - thanks for entering. i left a comment on your blog too. aiden is adorable! also, to answer your question, i made the print myself so if you don't win the giveaway just contact me & we can talk details of getting one to you!

  20. Laura - thanks for entering! we are SO excited to find out what you guys are having, & yeah, pretty sure i can hook you up if you don't win. also, when are you gonna update that blog of yours?

    Heather - you are AWESOME!! number 1 would be so freakin cool, right? hope your vacation was a blast :)

    Lola - thank you so much for entering. you amaze me too. you are doing so well with rylan, he is such a cute little boy. i am loving watching him grow up!

    Laurel - so happy you entered! i wished we lived closer too. maybe we need to just figure out how to meet in the middle :)

  21. I just noticed you are up to #82. Woohoo! Just yesterday it was #97.

    As for updating the ol' blog. . .maybe next week when we are settled in our new place.

  22. I vote everyday from both my home and work computers. (The students don't really want to learn about pronouns anyway)I subscribe to your blog too :-)

    I may not have a nursery to hang the poster in, but I choose not to lurk in the shadows. Also, people around me are constantly producing offspring, or I could hang it in my classroom. It would give them something to stare at while I am talking about something important.

  23. I just began following but i am happy I found you!

  24. laura - we are totally #76 today! yeah-er!! & i'm so excited for you guys to be in your new place. nice.

    marilyn - ok, i'm glad we can be blog/facebook stalker friends bc i definitely stalk your fb status updates. i think you are hilarious. is it weird i have a facebook status update crush on you?

    ashley - thanks for being my newest follower & thanks for entering :)

  25. How have I NOT commented on this post yet?!?!
    Okay, super cute poster...
    I voted...
    I guess I was never technically "following" your blog but I've been a fan since the beginning and have read EVERY blog you have EVER written. Why? Because I like you :)
    Kiss that baby for me.

  26. i've been reading since today! because of the blog-a-thon! so Yay you!

  27. been reading since today and i love it so far!

  28. devin - you are SO entered, my love. & p-ray got lots of kisses from you today.

    stephanie - so glad you're following us now! so far we're 2 for 2 on the blog-a-thon. go us!

  29. I pretty much vote everyday since I look for updates all the time. I was very excited to here that you'll be doing a blog update everyday! I know, i don't really have a life. I've been following your blog since I met you. Remember that? Ryan and I came to visit and I think you guys were wondering why ryan and I were together? I was pretty boring then and possibly a little intimidated by you guys. Anyways, I love the poster. P-Rays room is so cute and I would love to have a cute poster like that for a baby room someday.

  30. I've voted 3 more times in the past week including today. The suspense is killing me!!!!! Anyways do I get an extra point for being first comment?

  31. Another vote in the books! 1:22AM means its another day to vote. Is this a little creepy I'm so motivated to win? I don't care!

  32. So we get an entry everyday that we vote? If this is true then I voted everyday since you put up the drawing! I even voted twice today on two different computers. Anyways, I want to win.

  33. I would love one of these for my son's room! We went to high school together and I found your blog on facebook one day when you were 6 or 7 months pregnant. I was checking it from time to time then but now I'm hooked and I'm checking it ALL the time. You have such a cute little family and the most amazing pictures! And I voted for you!

    Colby O'Brien (Anardi)

  34. Obviouly it is too late to entry this give away last year! I love your custom made print- any chance you have an etsy store? I would love to buy one from you!! I have a boy on the way with a jungle themed nursery and when I found your blog, I love your nursery and this print is adorable!!


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