Wednesday, September 1, 2010

vay-cay-shun & september blog-a-thon

first & foremost i am SO excited about the poster giveaway!  thanks to all who have entered so far & for all your votes & fun comments.  i tried to reply back to everyone who's entered so far either in the comments of the last post or on your own blog.  it's been a blast to see who stops by our little corner of the blogosphere. 

this week p-ray & i are hanging out in utah with my fam.  sam had to stay back in washington & keep bringing home the bacon.  boooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  we miss him. you can tell i mean it from all those "o"'s.

we're here for my sister heidi's wedding tomorrow... wedding bells are ringing & last minute arrangements/preparations/planning chaos is filling up the air. it's been fun.

i have no pictures of the trip thus far because i haven't wanted to mess with loading and editing pics on my parents' computer, so i am going to give you this little bit of eye candy:

what has two thumbs & loves a chubby baby in cougar gear?  this girl!  (said while pointing to oneself with thumbs.  you can imagine).

september blog-a-thon

not sure why i'm doing this as i'm not sure if i'm up for the challenge.  but i'm doing it.  a blog-a-thon.  what is a blog-a-thon you ask?  it's where a bunch of ocd bloggers get together & make a pact to blog every day for a month.  that's what's happening at this blog for the month of september.  find out more here:

feel free to hop on the bandwagon or tell me i'm crazy for trying. 

and lastly, feel free to keep on signing up for our p-ray poster giveaway here.  it goes on until september 6 so hop on the bandwagon already, yo.

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you guys. we're climbing fast! thank you thank you thank you for your continued daily votes ;)


  1. Excited that you are joining in on the blog-a-thon! Look forward to following you and your blog!

  2. I just found your blog through the blog-a-thon and have enjoyed reading it. May I ask where you got this onesie? My hubby is also a Coug and I know he would LOVE to have this for our little guy (arriving next month!)


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