Tuesday, September 21, 2010

more productivity + more drugs = today

today was far more productive.  you can tell because i'm wearing makeup, my hair is done, & p-ray isn't in pajamas. every now & then, a lazy all-day-pajama-wearing-day like yesterday is important because it allows a person {me} to recharge & be a little more motivated the next day.  that's what i say to justify it, anyways.  i think i'm buying it.

today i had an appointment with my endocrinologist.

apparently pregnancy wasn't the magical cure-all for my thyroid issues & my levels are way out of whack again.

& just in case i didn't believe the blood test results on paper, they did an ultrasound on my neck to show me in living color how messed up my thyroid looks.  it's awesome when the doctor puts the ultrasound on his neck and says, "see this?  this is what a normal, healthy thyroid looks like.  let's look at yours.  oh yeah, that's a beauty.  see how big & unhealthy that looks?  beautiful... just lovely."

my drug levels were tripled & i was sent on my way.  so that's cool.

my thyroid may be twice the normal size, it might be worthless in ten years, & i'll probably be on drugs for the rest of my life, but at least i have a doctor who thinks big is beautiful.

in closing.

here are three things for today's edition of "what makes amy happy"...

1.  the nikon d7000.  i think we've made a decision about which dslr we'll be buying.  nikon recently announced the d7000.  it fits somewhere in their lineup between the d90 & the d300s.  it has increased video capabilities & some other cool features, but won't be available to buy until mid-october.  that's ok.  it gives me more time to find someone to sell my soul to so we can pay for it.

2.  sophie.  i have to admit that all the sophie the giraffe hype is true.  i have read about how uh-mazing she is on many many mommy blogs/community boards & gave in to the rumors.  parker thanks me.  he l-o-v-e-s his sophie.  if you're wondering whether spending twenty dollars on a toy that looks like it is meant for a small dog is really worth it, i'm telling you it is.

unless you're ok with having your baby endlessly gnaw on your knuckles/fingers/nose/other small body parts, then ignore this.

3. modern family. who's with me?  such a great show.  season premiere tomorrow night & i am super excited.  i would argue that i don't watch much tv, but then i start counting up all my favorite shows & i have to stop talking.  i don't care.  i'm in love with this show & i don't care who knows it.

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  1. Amy, glad to see you've made a dslr decision. As for me, I'm still torn. I think when it comes down to it, any DSLR will do for us. I dont think Kim and I will need much more than an entry level. That said. I have come across a Nikon that is also coming out. The D3100. This also does 1080p video recording with AF. So, we'll see what happens. The problem in the past with these DSLR's autofocus is that you can hear the lens motor in the video. We'll see if thats fixed.
    On a side note. Kim and I are also Modern Family fans.

  2. Stopping over from Blog hop, skip and Jump, and a new follower. I just got the Nikon d5000 a few months ago and L.O.V.E it. Well worth the money.

  3. ooooh wee, the D7000!

    I never heard of Sophie, but I'm going to look her up!

    And my friends and family have been trying to get me to watch Modern Family... it's that good, eh? I better check it out!

  4. Randomly saw your button on another site...maybe Paper Mama. Regardless I thought it was adorable adn wanted to check out the blog behind it. Equally adorable. I'm your newest follower!

  5. Tim and I LOVE Modern Family too! So funny!

  6. I am your newest follower. Can't wait to read the rest of your stuff. Join in on the comment exchange on my blog. http://theadviceofamadmother.blogspot.com/2010/09/comment-exchange-program-now-open.html

  7. I would love to try the Sophie too! I am a brand new follower, hope you'll follow back! http://questfortheperfectclothdiaper.blogspot.com/

  8. I have the D3000 and was going to upgrade to the D90, but thinking the D7000 now.

    I think I need to get Carsyn a Sophie. He loves to chew on my knuckles.

  9. You have an award on My Blog Hun!

  10. Oh, I lurrrvvveee Modern Family! So excited for it tonight!

  11. This is random. I have no idea how I found your blog, but I did, and I think it's great. Super cute, in fact. I'm jealous you're buying a Nikon. I've been really wanting to get into photography, but I have no money to buy a nice camera, so I'll just make peace with my Sony and move on. Anyway, I have, like, less than one tenth of the followers you do, and I can't get into the "mommy blog" scene because I don't have a child (or a husband, for that matter). But if you wanna check me out, here's my (fairly new) blog: http://breathinginthewind.blogspot.com/.

  12. Hi! Newest follower..I found you on the Wednesday blog hop! We would *love* if you'd come and check us out at:



  13. i CAN NOT wait for Modern Family tonight..OR cougar town! ahhh i can't wait! :) enjoy!

  14. new follower from the blog hop :)
    I've been considering sophie the giraffe for our daughter...I just always wondered if the hype was true or was it just "THE" item to have right now. Twenty dollars seems a bit much for a toy my daughter might or might not chew on...but if it lives up to its name then I'm all for it because she hates everything else we have tried.

  15. Newest follower from the Almost Friday hop. Glad to have found you! Love the blog -- and the photography is amazing! Sophie's our new favorite. My daughter loves her. And luckily our dog leaves her alone. And Modern Family? Awesome!


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