Monday, September 20, 2010

it's raining, it's pouring

& we're totally not getting out of our pj's today.  or putting on makeup.  at least not yet... i still have an hour or so until sam gets home, & i might throw on some mascara.

i'm feeling totally unproductive today.  the house is a mess from a crazy weekend, i'm unshowered & unworked-out, & i have no idea what's gonna be eaten for dinner.  but i have gotten a lot of quality play-with-p-ray time in... that counts for something right?

at least i am typing this to the sound of clothes tossing around in the dryer.  i suppose running a couple loads of laundry also counts for something. 

i vowed to get three workouts in last week.

i got in 2.  how lame is that??  it is so hard. so so hard.  now that it's pouring 23 hours out of the day, my options are even more limited.  we unfroze my gym membership at l.a. fitness & opened an account for parker at the kids klub there.  he's gone twice & does great.  but it's 20 minutes away from home.  that's almost an hour in just driving-to-&-from-time.  but it's all i've got, & i've got to keep going.  my sanity & my ever-persistent love handles depend on it.

& don't get me started on my eating habits.  i know a lot of people get in the habit of eating lots while prego, but you are actually supposed to eat even more when nursing & oh boy have i taken advantage of that!  however, quantity is not my issue.  it's quality.  we eat out way too much, & it's got to stop.  i have got to start making smarter nutrition decisions.  so this week, i vow to:

work out three times.  i can do it, i can do it, i can do it.
only eat out twice.  i have a lunch date with some girlfriends i have to keep this week, & i'm leaving another time open for a meal out on the weekend.  seems reasonable, right?

lindsey from linkie lueville & i are still working on getting our get fit blog hop up & running.  we have some schnazzy name ideas & are trying to work out details.  i hope more people will join us in our quest to get back in shape!

so this is how it works.

1.  for those of you who linked up last week, link up your blog post about how you did over the course of the week & if you met the goals you set for yourself. 

2.  if you're new & are looking for some goal-setting support, join in this week by linking up your blog or blog post about what goals you may have set for yourself.

3.  once linked up, visit the other blogs & offer support/sympathy/empathy/etc.

good luck this week!

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  1. I love those days when it's raining out and you just stay inside and hang out with the family :)

  2. I LOVE those rainy days to just stay home and do pretty much nothing! We don't get those days here in Cali until January or February, and even then, they're usually few and far between.

    On the exercise front, I have found it so much easier to get out and do it if you make it a daily thing. Even if it's just walking for half an hour or 20 minutes. It helps build the habit a lot quicker. Plus, you start craving exercising (I'm getting to the point of looking forward to working out!). And if you skip a day, don't give up or get down on yourself. Just get up the next day and do it, forgetting you "failed" yesterday.

  3. Love your blog! Following you from MMM blog hop! :)

    Keenly Kristin

  4. I love rainy days!! I love these bed pictures they are soo cute!

  5. 2 WORKOUTS your doing way better than me. I thought about it but never got around to it. i did go for a few walks with the kids though that counts right?

    Look at your little one too cute

    came by to follow stop on by

  6. We have one of those days almost everyday. lol.

    You can do it! At least you did 2 workouts. Keep it up!

  7. Hi

    I'm a new follower from Tuesday Blog Hop,you have a lovely blog.Hope you can come and follow back at


  8. I tried a gym membership and it never worked out..I say go buy a treadmill or a piece of equipment and stick it in the garage or wherever....its a lot easier! When p is taking a nap you can go on it when sam is home he can watch P and you can go on it, or if there is a football game on put in in front of the tv and there you go!

  9. I'm due for a rainy day...Ha!


  10. It was so hard to keep up with all the rain this last week and the fact that my room mate turned need I say more? You got the drive girl, I think you can manage it this time around!


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