Sunday, September 12, 2010

photo challenges

this week i'm entering a couple pictures into a couple photo challenges.

first, the photo challenge over at the paper mama's blog is themed "brown" this week.  here's my entry:

parker's only a month old here & already has his "rawr" face down.  the kid's a natural.

click on the badge to see all the other super cute brown themed entries!

The Paper Mama

second, the theme for TMMAPC this week is to pick our favorite pic.  i l-o-v-e this picture of parker & his best buddy sock monkey.  i can only try to imagine what joke p-ray must have just told sock monkey to get such a big laugh out of himself, & such a look of disgust from sock monkey.

see everyone else's favorite shots here:

& lastly, i am super excited about getting the third best photo in last week's paper mama photo challenge, as well as a top five "favorite" pick nod, too.  go us!

we got some nifty award badges that are now proudly displayed on my sidebar.  woot woot.

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  1. Awww. That hat and his rawr is too cute.

  2. He is so freaking adorable! Love the hat.

  3. Both photos are perfect! Love the little hat!

  4. Oh those photos are so stinkin adorable!

  5. Good to see you on Making Friends Monday! My inspiring messages are now available on Twitter. Stop by and sign up!

  6. He is so cute. Love that hat. Both photos are great.

  7. I love the hat and the monkey, both are such classics, what a cutie!

  8. Such cute photos! Love the hat!

  9. congrats on being choosen as a faveorite on the Paper Mama blog. LOVE these shots!! :)


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