Friday, September 3, 2010


are there even words for this?

is my little boy seriously giving the camera the one-eyed james bond eyebrow raise?  

 and did he really spend half of thursday night's wedding hanging out with his cousins playing video games & being one of the boys?

the answers are no, yes, & yes. 

there are no words for this.  he can already work a tux in a way that makes sean connery look awkward.  & before we know it, he'll be spitting & cussing & arguing over who gets to play the game next amongst his cousins.

except he won't cuss.  because he's an angel.

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  1. This PICTURE is TOOOO CUTE! His little raised eyebrow is ADORABLE!! Its A GREAT picture of BOTH of you:) AWWWWWWW! He is SO PRECIOUS!! LOVE the TUX! We should have a SHARP DRESSED Nielson PARTY! :)

  2. He really was quite dashing - - All the girls were checking him out big time!

  3. I still just love him in that adorable little tux! What a doll!

  4. Basically the most handsome little man in a tux I've ever seen. That face is PRICELESS. I know everyone says this probably 100x a day but... they really do grow up so fast!

  5. Amy I love this!
    And by the way, you look HOT!


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