Tuesday, April 12, 2011

playing tag & a party planning sneak peak.

ok, it's super late & i should be in bed.  i've been getting stuff together all day for p-ray's party because i refuse to be panicked at the last minute & unable to do all the fun things i have in my head that i want to do for it.  so, we're at 11 days & counting til party time & so far i'm on schedule.  am i on budget?  ummm, i'll have to crunch some numbers.

anywho, i was tagged by nicole to answer this favorite things post.  yup, two "about me" posts in a row.  this is my blog, after all.  here goes:

food:  anything sam bbq's, though nothing beats his bbq steak.
color:  right now?  anything bright & cheery.  these grey days got me down.
animal:  dog.  i'm totally a dog person.
dessert:  it's gotta be chocolate.  preferably with chocolate on top & chocolate chunks inside.
artist:  my mom.  she's pretty good.
pair of shoes:  flip flops, with a pedicure.
outfit:  i'm a jeans & t-shirt kinda girl.  i mix it up with accessories, but those are my staples.
skinny jeans:  yup.
brand:  i love how mandy answered this... "anything target sells."
perfume:  ummm... nope.
accessory:  my baby on my hip.
city:  portland.
hobby:  working out, blogging.
beauty product:  mascara.  i can't leave home without it {or you wouldn't recognize me}.
holiday:  christmas.  duh.
snack:  cashews.  clif bars.  smoothies.
movie:  anything that is super funny.
song:  "wake up" by arcade fire.
guilty pleasure:  staying up late & blogging silly posts like this.


and one more thing.  i probably won't be posting too much of p-ray's party planning things on here just because i want to post all the pics at once after the party.  but i'm too excited about how my DIY cupcake toppers turned out to wait another 11 days to share them.  so here they are.

keep in mind i took these pics late tonight with my phone, so the quality is kinda lacking.  but the cupcake toppers?  they're top notch muh friends.  i kinda love them.

we're going with a robot theme.  random?  yes.  and don't judge me by the finger smudges on the glass desk in that last pic, mmmk?

who has two thumbs & is super excited for a one year old's birthday party?  this girl!

and if you're loving late night random posts with low quality cell phone pics?  please click twice to vote! thanks.
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  1. Don't worry, your robot theme will probably work out a lot better than my pirate theme did. Who would have thought that babies aren't so much into pirates? I had to get all older kid themed stuff-- Pirates of the Caribbean was seriously all that was out there. But I had already ordered these cute pirate invitations, so I had to stick with it. But Niall still loved it :)

  2. those cupcake toppers are pretty top notch i cant wait to see the rest of his party! nice job momma!

  3. Loving those cupcake toppers! The robot theme is going to be awesome! Can't wait to see pictures :)

  4. Wow!! Way cute cupcake toppers! Love the robot theme! Can't wait to see pics of the party!! :)

    And I hear ya on the mascara thing.. I have to have one on me at all times!!

  5. Very fun & cute! Parker will love these!!

  6. "anything target sells" - haha. i love the decos so far!!! it's gonna be such a fun party!

  7. I love those cupcake toppers! I can't wait to see pics from Parker's big day!

  8. i love the cupcake toppers {and that you played along). First birthdays are SO special and fun.

    Portland!!! Yee-haw in my state! Seems mommy bloggers all reside in Washington - Im a lonely Oregon mom ;)

  9. Oh my goodness, those cupcake toppers are adorable! I can't believe you made them yourself! I can't wait to see the rest of the party details :)

  10. ITS GOING TO BE EPIC!!! I can't wait!! :)

  11. Did you get the two thumbs quote from Scrubs? That's where I remember it. "Who has two thumbs and doesn't give a crap? Bob Kelso."

  12. its coming together so well. its going to be epic!

  13. LOVE those cupcake toppers!!! How stinkin cute!! :) Can't wait to see pictures!

  14. Um, can I please fly up JUST for this cute kid's party? Not kidding. Ahhhh. It's going to be way cute, I can't wait to see the other dang cute stuff you're doing for him! :D love it.

  15. very very cute! I cant wait to see pictures from the party

  16. oh seeing those makes me so excited to celebrate parker turning ONE! (how many times have i told you that already!? ha) i thought the "working out" part of your favorites said, "making out" for a second. haha :)

  17. Great cupcake toppers! For me, the best parties are the ones I get to plan for kids. I get to be colorful and more creative because they are mo flexible to work with.

  18. They truned out so cute you crafty thing!


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