Saturday, April 9, 2011

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w.21

alright, i'm gonna give you warning right up front... i took crazy amounts of pictures this week.  i don't know why, i just couldn't stop.  seriously.  parker was doing hilarious things, we actually went places, & the weather was notable, for good & for bad.  somehow i managed to keep it to just six pictures for each day.

but still, proceed at your own risk & don't say i didn't warn ya.

monday.  the weather was gross.  parker & i bundled up in hoodies & rain coats & headed to costco where parker proceeded to be crazy cute.  proof here.

that night he amazed me with his shape sorting skills.  well, more like hitting-the-shapes-against-the-sorting-bucket-and-occasionally-get-lucky-with-getting-one-in skills.  i was still impressed.

tuesday.  you know it's gonna be a good day when your kid wakes up & gives you a smile like this.  for real... he cracks me up.  and then he proceeds to park himself on his belly, head in hands, on his pillow pet, to watch the  slideshow of pictures our apple tv plays while playing music.  kills me.

that afternoon we took off our sweats, put on real clothes, & headed to the mall for some shopping.  parker explored the changing room while i played dress up, we both modeled fedoras & had a mini photo shoot, & then split a soft pretzel.  i don't think a day gets any better.

wednesday.  i looked out the window during a sunbreak & thought to myself... "hmm, we should go for a run."  so we did.  only thing is, i did not account for the fact that sunbreaks last 5 minutes around here & it wasn't long before p-ray & i found ourselves caught in a hail storm.  he stayed nice & toasty zipped up in his rain-shield bubble while i on the other hand, came away soaked through all layers of my socks & clothes.  but i kinda liked it.

we dried off & headed to where else?  target.  i still love to wear parker in his sling for quick in & out trips.  i will be sad when the day comes that i can't wear my baby anymore.

that night i found some old lights from my college dorm room & put them up in p-ray's room.  i'm kinda loving them & p-ray has found something he is totally loving as well... his new bff, the toothbrush.

thursday was my day in the office & as per the uge, i arrived to find a huge stack of files on my desk & an overflowing inbox.  i was pretty proud of myself when at the end of the day, the inbox was empty.  totally braggable.

i drove home in some gorgeous sunshine, snuggled with parker on the couch for a good half hour once home, & sam bbq-ed salmon.  it may have only been fifty degrees out, but it wasn't raining & that means bbq at our house.

parker & sam spent the rest of the night wrestling & i tried super hard to get a good picture of them, but they were all a blur.  those two don't hold still for a second when they're together.

friday.  after parker woke up from his butt-up-in-the-air-and-snuggling-with-his-blanket sleep, we went to stroller strides which was outside since it was gorgeous out.  hoooooray.  even though "gorgeous" still entailed bundling parker up in his hat & heavy coat, it felt amazing to be outside.

after stroller strides i took parker to the doctor for a check up {he's still fighting the same cold from two weeks ago} & he enjoyed playing with all the germy waiting-room toys & hanging out naked.

that night we went to our favorite dive burrito bus for dinner & sam taught parker how to drive in the costco parking lot.  ok, so we were actually parked eating our burritos & parker was sitting on his lap.  but still, it blew p-ray's mind.

happy weekend everyone!

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  1. i think p ray and the boy have the EXACT set of pjs. random! love it!

  2. is that hair i see on p-ray's noggin?

  3. Looks like a winner of a week to me! Lots of great shots - the pillow pet one is very cute...

  4. Looks like another great week! I totally understand how hard it is to get good photos of daddy and son playing together - they never stop moving!

  5. What a fun week in pictures! He sure is looking handsome and full of personality. That picture of him on his belly on his pillow pet? So adorable!

  6. Fun week! I love the dive burrito bus? My grandparents used to let me sit in their lap and steer the car as a toddler. So fun...and seriously dangerous. Cute memories!

  7. cuteness!!!! I had fun linking up this week too!!!

  8. Awww Butt-up-in-the-air sleep is the best! Your pics always make me smile :)

  9. I love that I was able to see all of these through the week via Instagram. Parker is TOO stinking cute!!

  10. what fun and cute pictures! Totally love looking at them!

    And thank you so much for the link to the cushions for the rocking chair! I so love the ones you chose for Parker's room!! I am excited to have a comfy chair now! :)

  11. Awesome photos! Parker gets cuter by the minute! I am toying with the idea of joining a stroller strides class.. would you recommend?

  12. i took insane amounts of iphone pics this week too! the one of him on his pillow pet KILLS ME!

  13. Parker looks cuter every week! Would you recommend stroller strides, even in the colder months? I am thinking of signing up to meet some more local mama's..

  14. Looks like an amazing week. Seriously I wish I could remember to take that many photos!

  15. I love that picture of parker in his crib! he's such a happy boy. And I'm super jealous of his shape sorting skills. Hannah just wants to throw the shapes around the room and chew on them.

  16. You guys always have such fun weeks :) love the crib picture of him smiling the cutest smile ever.

  17. That smile on Tuesday...I could die from the cuteness!!


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