Monday, April 4, 2011

"get to know me monday." - w.5

so i have quite a few questions that were left unanswered from my "ask my anything" post way back before our hawaiian vacay.  i've been meaning to answer them because they were all really good ones, so i'm gonna pick a few & answer them each monday for the next few weeks.

melissa asked:

"what is your inspiration with your style?  what gets you motivated to get dressed up?  as a mom of a 13 month old, i definitely live in my sweatpants.  any advice for us mamas?"

alright, i'm gonna be real honest here.  most days i am hanging out in pj's or workout clothes a good portion of the day.  every now & then i'll get dressed up for a playdate, but usually the only time i get fully made up is for the occasional outing on the weekend & then always for church on sunday. this is a habit i'm trying to break too.  it's a work in progress.

but you know what has really inspired my style?  blogging.  in a couple ways. first, when i know that i am gonna put pictures up of myself in front of the interwebz, i try to look decent.  read:  no sweatpants {most the time}.  taking pictures of yourself & putting them somewhere where they are subject to comment can do a lot to motivate you to look your best.  a lot of the credit for this has been the "steppin' out saturday" posts, & i invite all of you to link up with mandy at harper's happenings & give it a try.  it really is fun to dress up a little more than usual & document the occasion.  so do it.

the other way blogging has influenced my style is by seeing what other "real" girls are wearing.  i have found so many bloggers out there who have an incredible sense of style & it makes me wanna copy be like them.  flipping through a magazine is one thing but finding a "real life" person who doesn't have a full line-up of makeup artists & stylists is inspiring to me.  so i get ideas from them.

some of my favorites bloggers for their style:  rockstar diaries, the daybook, rose ala mode, dear baby, & kendi everyday.  check 'em out.

and what are some things i've found work for me?  well, i honestly just find things i like, & then copy them. you will find that you are attracted to certain things & will find your sense of style developing.  keep an "inspiration" folder somewhere on your computer & save pictures of things you like in it.

also, some of the best advice i've ever read was from jessica, who said, "don't even own anything that you don't absolutely love!  if you only have pretty things in your closet, you have no choice but to wear a pretty outfit." {quote via}  i have thought of her advice so many times when i'm talking myself into buying something.  i just stand back, say, "wait, do i really really love this?"  if the answer is no, i move on.

the same goes for clothes you already own.  purge your closet of old drab things that are bringing your wardrobe down.  i just recently rid my closet of things i hadn't worn in the last year & it's so refreshing to walk in to my closet & only see things i would actually wear.  i can't stress this one enough.

and lastly, don't be afraid to try new things.  so what if you put on an outfit, leave the house, & then decide you hate it.  that has happened to me countless times.  just give yourself some points for trying something new.  and whatever you're wearing, wear it with confidence & a smile.  seriously, if you look like you feel good in your skin, you'll look good in your clothes.  i promise.

so there you have it.  my take on style.  i don't claim to be any kind of expert... i'm just a wannabe.  and so can you.

{click to enlarge}

ok, that was a long one so i'm leaving it at that.  you guys.  i need more questions!  ask away in the comments, tweet me, facebook me, or shoot me an email, mmmmk?

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  1. Honestly I love your style but I am glad your so real on this, blogging makes me dress nicer as well even though I am not in front of the camera often enough.

  2. Cute post! I think you always look great! I need your inspiration and start wearing more things pretty. :)

  3. I want to shop in YOUR closet!!! You're cuteness.

  4. I agree, blogging totally makes me dress nicer. You are adorable! I think as a Mom we have to make conscious decisions to look put together because there are so many reasons not to. But let's face it, we always feel better when we do!

  5. I have to be honest, I don't read very many fashion blogs, but I should start. I neeeeeed some serious help with my wardrobe. But I like that quote "don't own anything you don't absolutely love"...good advise. Spring cleaning? I think so!

  6. So much good advice! Thanks Amy!
    I agree that blogging and "stepping out" posts definitely encourage me to step it up a little!

  7. First of all, you read some really great blogs! I just love the daybrook and rockstar diaries.

    I have to explain track-out! We go to school all year round. We go nine weeks and get three weeks off. We get four weeks off during the summer and a week off at Thanksgiving. It's the best schedule ever! :)

  8. Oh I am really bad at this, but it's discouraging when you're a mom since I know I will end up all stained by the end of the day anyways!! lol LOVE your blog...such nice pics!

  9. Great post! I love that quote too - I need to start living by it. Maybe I'll dress a little bit better myself!! :)

  10. I have been wearing sweats just about every day since high school and didn't stop until about 2 months ago, when I decided this is getting crazy. I'm a grown woman. I gotta put on some real clothes and maybe even a few accessories once in a while. And I ended up feeling so good about myself, I'm doing it a few times a week now-- even if nobody else sees me :) And I'm definitely inspired by fellow mom bloggers.

  11. awesome blog, looove your style, and have a parker question: What kind of day to day schedule do you have for him like from 12am-12am a whole day he seems so sweet and happy w/e your doing is working great!

  12. stumbled upon your happy that I did :) Parker is TOO much!! his cuteness kills me!! my son, Maddox, was born in May!

    I adore your blog! just thought I'd say hello :)

  13. Great advice! I have so many things in my closet that I don't wear. Time to toss 'em and go shopping!

  14. LOVE this!!! Such great insights. I totally am guilty of buying things that I don't LOVE just because they are cheap. Cheap doesn't save me any money when I wear it once or twice!

    Where did you get that STUNNING dress with the yellow cardigan? So beautiful on you! Thanks so much for joining the party!

  15. Yay! Thanks for answering my question. Glad to know it's cool to not dress up all the time. ;) Definitely headed to those blogs for inspiration but have to tell you that your photos are inspiration for me too! I think it's time for me to get out of my style funk, I might have to start doing that link up.

  16. so i was totally trying to come up with a legitimate mom / baby blogging question, but all I can come up with is: if you were stranded on Gilligan's Island, and could only pick one cast member to be stuck on the island with who would you pick, and why? Happy Monday! and Tuesday for that matter!

  17. Love your style! And your cute little one :)

  18. Found your blog from Momma Go Round...Love your outfits! So cute
    and your little guy is darling!

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