Saturday, April 16, 2011

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w.22

we had one sunny day this week & it happened to be on a stroller strides day so we got have class outside.  win.  after stroller strides p-ray & i hit up target & i couldn't get past how cute his little stripey pajama legs looked dangling out of the cart.

why'd we go to target you ask?  to finally {after eleven-and-a-half-months} get p-ray a high chair.  we'll chalk this one up to a parent fail.  no worries though, we're legit now.

after a little bit of lounging in pj's, parker & i traveled to tacoma to meet up with our friends jessica & ava.  it was the second time parker & ava had met & i think this meeting solidified their betrothal.  see for yourself.  while waiting in the car for them to get there, i let parker enjoy the view from the driver's seat.  he was more interested in rockin' the aviators... and i think he totally pulls them off.

that night we went over to lindsey & tim's to celebrate lindsey's birthday.  and by celebrate, i mean eat her amazing homemade chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake.  you guys, the crust in this thing?  was made from homemade chocolate chip cookies.  yeah, it pays to have awesome friends.

we didn't do much on wednesday besides hang out & enjoy parker looking cute.  i particularly thought he was cute in the bathtub today.  wouldn't you agree?  oh yeah, & after his bath in his shark towel, too.  this kid kills me.  dead.

i wore my hair straight this week for the first time in months.  months, y'all.  and by doing so, i realized it has gotten really, really long.  borderline longest ever.  i don't know what to do with it.  stay posted.

while i worked, parker hung out with friends & got to meet humphrey the hamster.  it was pretty much his favorite thing ever.  so much that he refused to nap all day which led to future grogginess all over sam when he got home.  that's ok though, not much is better than a snuggly, groggy p-ray.

friday was crazy.  after breakfast {i love watching him eat in his new chair} & stroller strides, i took parker to the pediatrician for a follow up appointment regarding a persistant little cough he's been dealing with the last three weeks.  he was prescribed with albuterol treatments using a nebulizer, & chest x-rays to make sure it wasn't pneumonia.  it's not.  he was so happy about it he hugged the x-ray tech.  oooh p-ray.

that night parker & i headed out to the mall for some shopping & left sam at home alone to relax & take it easy.  turns out to sam, relaxing & taking it easy involves vacuuming the whole house, mopping the bathrooms & kitchen, & scrubbing the toilets & showers.  what the freak?  he's making me look bad... i woulda slept.

happy weekend!

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  1. do you want to send Sam to my house? and, how do I get a stroller strides class in MY town....

  2. When we move I'm thinking about signing up for stroller strides. Is there an age limit on how old the kids can be? Mine will be about 2 1/2. It seems like a lot of fun and great exercise.

    I'm going to have to agree with you, I would have slept too or bummed it up on the couch. What a great hubby you have!

  3. Um, maybe Sam can have a little chat with my hubs. You know, just to teach him some of his tricks ;)

    Poor Parker and his cough! I hope the nebulizer treatments help. Ellie was on one for about a week or so. Pretty sad, but still cute!

  4. alright lots of mini comments on this post:
    his face and little hoodie in the shopping cart, i die.
    the aviators, totally adorable.
    hiss rolls in the tub, omg.
    ur hair, so jealous!!
    Where did you try on that purple ruffle shirt??? i must have it.

    I LOOOVE reading your blog. I have a 18 month old little man at home, and totally miss that roly poly stage.

  5. I like the pic of him laying on the legs...and super adorable to give the tech a sweet!

  6. I swear, parker is the happiest baby! He always has the biggest smile.

  7. i love the photo of you two on wednesday with him in his towel. that little moment is so sweet!

  8. Snuggly, groggy babies ARE the best, especially when they're as cute as yours :)

  9. ooh p-ray. you snuggle bug. please give me a big hug like that the next time i see you, mmmm kay?

  10. Kris pulled the same stunt on me today - he cleaned the whole house while we were out. I TOTALLY would have lounged on the couch and watched terrible TV...

  11. Gotta love the iphone. What a great recap.

  12. Looks like a wonderful week! I totally agree that those striped pj legs are SO cute! And I love your hair straight. xo I hope you had a great weekend! xo

  13. The Tuesday photos just absolutely melted me. Love love LOVE them!!

  14. how did you ever manage without a highchair? you are amazing.

    you took some really great wedding photos. so pretty!


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