Monday, April 11, 2011

"get to know me monday." - w.6

so i have quite a few questions that were left unanswered from my "ask my anything" post way back before our hawaiian vacay.  i've been meaning to answer them because they were all really good ones, so i'm gonna pick a few & answer them each monday for the next few weeks.

nicole asked a few questions.  here they are one by one:

1)  "how are your photos so clean & clear?  do you use photoshop?"

first & foremost, i don't claim to be any sort of photography expert & am still learning new things every day.  and a lot of times, i just get lucky with a shot.  so.... that was the disclaimer.

the most important thing to taking a good picture is good light.  if you have bad lighting, it's gonna be hard to produce a crisp, clear shot.  outdoor natural light is ideal.

i do use photoshop & honestly, that can make a significant difference.  to see some before & after shots, check out my photo blog & you'll see that my straight-outta-the-camera shots don't look quite the same way they look on this blog.  yup, i'ma cheater.

BUT, photoshop doesn't take a crappy picture & make it amazing.  i mean, there are some things you can do to salvage a shot {vintage tints, textures, black & white conversions, etc.} but if you're looking for something you can blow up & have look as good {or better than} life, ya gotta have a good shot out of the camera.  period.

2)  "are you using manual on your camera?"

yup.  and i am stilllll learning.  i swore to myself that if we spent the dinero on a decent dslr, i wasn't gonna use it as a point & shoot.  so i dove right in & attempted to learn manual & haven't looked back.  if you have a dslr & are intimidated by your manual settings, don't be.  i still switch things around & experiment & i often take bad shots because of the settings.  but i am learning.

are you brand new to digital photography too?  the tutorial i often swear by when learning your camera is the "31 days to a better photo" series at life with my three boybarians.  somewhere around her day ten tutorial a light bulb went off & it all made sense for me.  well, enough sense for me to start intelligently experimenting.  so check it out, yo.

3) "how do you get the photos on your page so big?"

if your photos are still loading small in blogger, there might be an easy fix.  go to your settings tab in your dashboard then scroll down to the very bottom where it says "global settings" & hit the "updated editor" option.  now, when you upload a picture it will let you choose whether it's small, medium, large, or extra large.  mine are all extra large.

hope that helps!

and that's it for today.  are y'all still liking the ask me anything posts?  if so, keep the questions coming & see your answers in a couple weeks.  ask away in the comments, tweet me, facebook me, or shoot me an email, mmmmk?

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  1. I did not know you had just a photo blog definitely subscribing to that! I love when you post blogs about what you do for photo's etc I am still learning as well and it's great ti know what other mama's do.

  2. p-ray's eyes never fail to kill gorgeous. he is going to be such a heartbreaker!

  3. You totally take amazing pictures!! I think you are harder on yourself than you think. Thats why I am honored to be your first BRIDE!! :) GO AMY!! (no pressure...haha)

  4. Great answers. :D Love the photos too!

  5. Yeah.... me me me.

    Thanks for the answers YO.

    I {am almost afraid to admit this out-loud} shoot on auto :( i know i know....

    I have had my camera since December... Im totally gonna check that tutorial out.

    Happy Monday :)

  6. Great advice! I really wish I could afford a dslr right now. But I'll work with my point and shoot & maybe I'll try manual on that as well. Wonderful pictures!!

  7. Good for you for shooting manual! I hate it when people buy expensive cameras only to use it as a point and shoot becasue they are missing out on the amazing photographs they could have!!!
    I remember you saying something about doing 365 a while back. You should really do it next year if you don't want to start it now. It's amazing to watch your work evolve and then the support group you'll form is pretty amazing as well. We all bounce ideas off each other and help each other out when we can't get it just right. Definitely something I recommend for you because you have a lot of potential! :)

  8. How did I now know you had a photo blog? Or maybe I did, and I forgot... mommy brain! I'm hoping for a long nap so I can check it out :)

  9. His eyes are just incredible!! Kiss those cheeks for me!

  10. Thanks for these great tips! I'm still having trouble with blurry photos, but I think it's just the way it goes when your kid never stops moving ;) But these tidbits of info will definitely help!

  11. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for this post!

    I got my new camera last week and was getting really frustrated because I know it's capable of taking good pics, I just couldn't freakin figure out what to do. I'm totally doing the 30 day link thing you posted (i'm on day 7 right now)...and I already have learned so much!

    And a HUGE thanks to the tip about changing the blog setting to make pictures bigger. I've been uploading pics to Photobucket and pasting the html coding on my blog entries and it was taking forever and really annoying to do it that way. Now I can just upload them straight to blogger, WOOHOOO :)


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