Thursday, June 9, 2011

everybody freak out!

it's that time again... remember here & here?  welp, now it's happening here.

they've reset the votes at top baby blogs.  they do this every three months to give new blogs a crack at the higher ranks & to weed out the old ones that no longer participate.  so it's a good thing, really.

except when we lose our hard earned spot in the top 10 (ish).

why do i care?  and why should you care?  because being in the higher ranks of top baby blogs brings all kinds of traffic into this here little blog.  more traffic means more awesome readers which means more fun new blogger friends & cool opportunities & more giveaways & fun things for everyone.  but mostly me & you.  so we should all care.

please care?

just show me you kinda care by clicking the banner below & then clicking the owl on the left.  i swear i'll love you for it.

Vote For Us @!
click the banner.  click the banner.  click the banner.  click the banner.  please?


  1. oh goodness gracious. although i do not participate in the TBB shenanigans anymore, i shall vote for you my friend. because, well, i care. :)

  2. Who could resist with a face like that!!

  3. only cause he is so darn cute. vote :)

  4. Oh of course! My reader exploded today with everyone asking for a vote, it was kind of hilarious, but I totally get it and will maybe join the fun when I'm lucky enough to become a mama, so I click away! :)

  5. I think little Evel has a crush on an older man that goes by the name Parker...ahem. So that means I voted. :)

  6. Clicked. You're funny. I got worried that something else bad had happened by your title!


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