Saturday, June 11, 2011

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w.30

i'm coming at ya this week from boise, idaho.  we're here for sam's family reunion & my sister's ironman.  i don't have my beloved iMac to edit pics so i uploaded these collages straight from my phone using diptic.


after parker woke up from his super cute sleep {arms up ankles crossed}, we headed downtown to pick up our rental car.  yeah that's right, we get to drive a sweet chevy hhr until insurance sends a check to replace our car.  be jealous.  that night parker hung out & listened to sam tell stories naked.  uh, parker was naked not sam.  duh.


after i got home from work {where i had actually gotten dressed up & curled my hair... win!}, we spent the night looking up cars on the 'net & trying to figure out what we're gonna do to replace our poor little totaled prius.  long story short:  it's a headache & we still don't know what we're gonna do.

parker was totally worn out from all the phone calls we made him make to about twenty toyota dealerships.


parker had some awesome post nap hair on wednesday.  the exciting part about that?  parker has hair!

after sam got home from work we drove down to vancouver, wa to stay with sam's sister for the night before making the trek to boise.  a visit to the biggest target i've ever seen was in order, where parker may or may not have had a minor panic attack when he had to get on the escalator.  it was a very cute panic attack.


we road tripped with jodi & jason down to boise for sam's family reunion.  once we were there we hit up some red robin with the fam, swam in the hotel pool, & watched parker & his cousins play with blocks.  we are lovin all this family time!


friday involved a whole lot more family time, quality cousin time, & lots more eating out time.  parker is learning to share his dad with his cousins, & isn't too fond of the idea.  we're working on it.


i got to watch my sister {and mom of FOUR!} complete the boise ironman 70.3 on saturday.  she swam 1.2 miles, biked 56 miles, & then ran a half marathon {13.1 miles}.  yeah... 70.3 miles overall.  she's pretty much a rockstar.

congrats shelley!!  you are amazing.

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  1. No way, you went to the Ironman!!! My husband's Dad, Step-Mom and Step-Sister were in it. His Step-sister took sixth this year. She's one of those pros that do it for a living. I've been wanting to go, they do it every year. Next year maybe I'll get to watch them. :)

    Good luck with your car. I can only imagine the frustration! But Parker sure looked super cute all tuckered out! :)

  2. your sister did WHAT!?! i got worn out just reading she swam for over a mile!! and im so happy you are enjoying tons and tons of family time!! we went to a target in cali a few years ago with an escalator! HEAVEN!!

  3. Holy heck, your sister really is a champ! I would have died long before the bikeride portion even started. ha!

    Good luck with the car situation!

  4. I was like "Yeah, I can totally swim that...and bike that..." and then you mentioned the 17 MILE RUN and I died dead just thinking about it. No way.

    Little Evan is reading your blog with me and laughing at naked Parker. He thinks it's hilarious.

  5. Hi Amy!
    so, i don't have an iphone but i have decided to join. :)
    hope you are having a great time!

  6. Your sister is amazing! I clicked through to her blog, read about her clean eating and clicked through to I'm in heaven! This is the perfect website -- just what I've been looking for. Can't wait to try some recipes tonight!

  7. fuuuuun week! minus the yucky car junk. but SWEET RIDE ;)

  8. What a fun week. Wow- your sister is nuts! haha And I have a friend with similar escalator anxiety- but it's not nearly as cute :)

  9. Parker's escalator panic attack is crazy cute. Also, your sister is amazing.

  10. Oh my goodness! Your sister is a beast! I'm always amazed at people that have the stamina for those ironman competitions! ...and a mother of 4? Yeah, I feel like a shmoe now, lol.

  11. great pictures! You guys are always up to something fun. And CONGRATS Shelley! She is incredible!

  12. Love that shot of P-Ray with his daddy on the computer. Cuteness! Maybe you have a future blogger on your hands. ;) Ummm...PS, your sister? Amazing. My husband's ex-stepdad used to do the Ironman, and it was intense.

  13. Wowza, your sister is incredible. Mama to four and doing such an awesome thing? Incredible! Her kiddos have a great role model it seems! :)

  14. I just thought about this but I wanted to ask. Did you have to replace the car seat in the car that was in the accident? I know my insurance company replaced ours and recommended anytime they are in an accident, kid or not, they should be replaced.

    Just a thought?

  15. Your sister is amazing - Wow! Good luck with the car hunt!!

  16. Great pictures! I love the first one, sleeping P with his monkey pj's, adorbs! And sharing mom/dad with cousins or friends ... in our experience it is not getting easier. Oh joy.

  17. Wow! I made your blog but I'm just now writing a comment and so you probably won't see my comment! Thanks again for coming. It was so fun to have you there. I wish it hadn't been such a quick chaotic trip so we could have visited more. Love ya!!


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