Thursday, June 16, 2011

pulling my hair out.

see?  literally.

this is what this whole car buying experience has been for us.  never in my whole life would i have imagined it would be so hard to get someone to take money off our hands & give us the car we want.

maybe our problem is that we're too picky.  but i figure when you're making a big purchase like a car, you should be.  we have a very specific car in mind.  certain color, certain options.  is that too much to ask for?  apparently.  are you ready for me to quit blogging about stupid car buying & resume cute pictures of parker & pretty photography?  me too.  believe-you-me... me too.

i'm ready to be done driving our silly rental car, too.

ok.  it's time to start thinking optimistically... because it always could be worse, right?  parker & sam weren't hurt in the accident.  big positive.  we just got word that we don't have to turn in the rental car until next monday... that's almost a week later than we expected.  hallelujah.  eventually {on some far off day} we will be the proud owners of a new car & i'll get to inhale new-car-smell for a week or two before parker fills it up with goldfish & cheerios.    see?  things are lookin' up already.

but i promise, i do have other things to blog about.  like how inspired i am by my sister's ironman & how i want to train for a race in the fall.  or how i stuffed my face full of ice cream & cheesecake over our vacay & i'm ready to give this clean eating thing a real shot.  or how parker is still not walking but he's getting cuter by the day & has started signing words like "please" & "more" & it kills me every time.

so, yes, there are other things going on in our lives.  and i promise this blog will resume to normal life eventually.  well, i kinda promise.  what the h is normal life anyway?

and now, to reward you for reading an unloading of my feelings {or maybe you didn't & are just checking out the pictures... either way is cool with me}, here is your moment of zen.  a picture of p-ray in his pack-n-play while we were on v-cay.

who sleeps like that?  parker.  that's who.

your votes always make me happy.  even in the most hair-pulling of times.
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  1. I'm sorry girl! Car shopping sucks!! I hope you find your dream car soon and it will be donnnne.

    Don't babies sleep in the funniest postitions? King still sleeps a lot with his bummy up in the air like a newborn. It's soo funny.

  2. sorry to hear you're having such a hard time with the car shopping. my husband is a car salesman so i actually know what it's like on both ends. back in april my car ignited in flames at 1am by itself, so we recently just did the shopping as well. i wish you luck & hopefully you find something soon :)

  3. I'm sorry car shopping has been so miserable for you! That's no fun! What kind of race are you looking to train for in the fall? You should go to the Run for Rhett on Saturday at Heritage park (9:00 AM. It'll be awesome (there is also a prize for fastest with jigging stroller).

    Also, we do our bike rides on Tuesday and/or Thursday mornings (weather dependent), email me at runmomrunblog {at} gmail {dot} com and I'll let you know when you do out next one!

  4. i. completely. agree.

    when i decided to get a new {to me} car... i looked for what feels like forever until i found one with all the options i wanted... i did however purchase one that was not the color i wanted... it was worth the wait.

    i spent so much time in my car {hauling around teenagers, sporting events out of town, etc etc etc} i am glad i did not settle.

    good luck.

    rest assured, you will find one.

  5. When I had to buy a new car last year it was super stressful for me too. At least you have Sam to help! I was all by myself, and I probably cried at least once a day for a week. It was terrible. But I finally found my car, and you will too! For sure. Don't pull out your cute hair!

  6. Oh man, we just went through the whole "buying a car" process last month and it totally sucks!!! Luckily, we just wanted a cheap payment and a car with good gas mileage (since it was mainly a commuter car)... so it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. And it turns out, I love our little Honda Fit. Ha ha. Good luck girl, hope you find something soon!

  7. Ugh. Still no car? That sucks. I hope they get all of this worked out for you guys, soon!! At least you don't have to return the rental just yet. Hope you have a great weekend my friend! HUGS!

  8. Sorry to hear about your car troubles! What a pain...we had something similar happen a few years ago. Very annoying. Good luck!!

  9. bummer. i hope you find THE car soon! You're right...the important thing is that your men are ok!!

  10. when we were buying our car a couple years ago, they didn't have the color we wanted either, so they kept trying to give us a diff color - for the same price and everything. we stuck to our guns, argued about it for a week, and they found us the color we wanted and had it delivered from a dealership a few hours away. don't settle for anything less than perfection! it's a major purchase!
    also, carter didn't walk until he was about 14 and 1/2 months.

  11. Ohm an. It's gotta get easier. Just can't wait for you to have it all said and done so you don't have to worry about it anymore. Such a pain. At least you have that little cute-cheeks to snuggle. :)


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