Saturday, June 18, 2011

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w.31

another crazy week has come & gone.  we had some traveling, lots of car shopping, & absolutely no car buying.  maybe today is the lucky day?  i doubt it.

here are some of the highlights:

just another visit to target on a monday... pretty standard.  parker enjoyed going on test drives all day monday, which is my favorite part of car shopping too.  buying?  not so much.

that night i got to go out with my sister-in-law jodi for her weekly girl's night to watch the "bachelorette" & eat cake.  pretty sure i need to start something like that with my girlfriends.  weekly girl's night?  yes please.

tuesday consisted of some craigslist shopping {can you say $150 BOB stroller??  YES PLEASE!} and more car shopping, but no car buying.  see that face?  it's what i look like after hours & hours of talking to car dealers.

started wednesday off with a trip to costco where parker giggled & flirted with the people behind us in line.  such a charmer.  and see that middle pic?  he is signing "please."  so super cute.  although, now when he asks for something & signs please i'm finding it pretty hard to say no... soooo, he may be getting the better end of the deal on this one.

that night consisted of eating fro-yo {finally one in our hometown!} skyping with sam's parents, & getting real cozy in pj's.  three of my {& parker's!} favorite things.

thursday.  yeah, little bit of a picture overload.  while i was at work, parker stayed at home with the sitter looking like a true blue hawaiian strumming on a ukelele.  he's a natural.  and i found time to treat my feet to some lovin' on my lunch break.  so that was cool.

after work consisted of some nakey time in the front yard... that's normal right?  for parker it is.

when sam got home we put our new BOB to work & went for a family walk.  good times.

friday.  my favorite day of the week.  stroller strides, playing on the swings in the park {which parker will only do if he can take his blanket on with him}, & playing "parachute" with parker's blanket made it pretty fun.  but the best part?  fro-yo round two of the week.  everyone's favorite!

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  1. SO SO SO jealous of your BOB! All the mamas at my Stroller Strides have them & even though I SWORE I didn't want a jogger because I don't jog, it would be so great for evening walks around my super bumpy neighborhood sidewalks. What a great deal!

  2. That fro yo looks yummy! We love our jogger (bumbleride) - looks like you are already getting a lot of use out of your BOB! Hope car shopping is over for you soon!!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the thursday family photo. super duper cute:D
    ENJOY the crazy car buying ride. it will end in HAPPINESS, you know it... deep down!

  4. I'm pretty stinking jealous of you having fro-yo so close to you! I'm sure we have something reasonably close, but none that I know of!
    Makes me jealous every time you talk about it :)

  5. Mmmm, I need to try fro-yo. I'm sure it's not in our city though. Nothing good ever is.

    I hate shopping for cars too. So stressful. Hope you find one soon!

    Thanks for hosting this. I'm really having a lot of fun and I've got 1 month under my belt already. Woohoo!

  6. Awesome week (except for the car stress stuff)! We just got a new fro-yo place within walking distance. I totally rationalize getting it whenever I want if I walk there :)

  7. I'm up for a girls night! Tim & I never miss an episode of Bachelor/Bachelorette. Pathetic, I know!

  8. This is my first time linking up - love this idea :).


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