Thursday, June 23, 2011

now accepting July sponsors!

hey friends!

another month has come & gone.  bring on julyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!  {i hope in your head you imagined me saying it like oprah... because i was.}  no, seriously, bring on july.  around here {the pac-northwest} it's a known fact of truth that summer doesn't start until after the forth of july.  so i'm pretty freaking excited about this coming month.

and you should be too.  which gives you all the more reason why you should become a totally cool awesomely spectacular sponsor of this here little blog.  july is gonna be filled with not only lots & lots of p-ray cuteness {per the uge} but also all kinds of bbq's, playdates, & other awesome summery events. i can just feel it.

so let's do this.

our traffic is consistently climbing.  here's a snapshot:

800+ pageviews a day
720+ followers through GFC
280+ likes on facebook
470+ followers on twitter
140+ followers on pinterest

think you might be interested?  you totally should be.  here's what you do.

1.  pick out your ad size.

2.  email me to reserve your spot.

3.  send me your ad to display.  don't have one or do you need it resized?  no worries, we'll get it figured out.
4.  wait for july to roll around so you can see your pretty button on this here little side bar and your blog/shop/website featured in my posts!

i look forward to working with you & getting your shop/blog/website more traffic!  let's do this.

how about a way to support us that costs nadda?  click twice.  now you're my fave.
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  1. I really must do a post for this. Do you get a good number of bites from the blog post or do you also send out emails?

  2. I will sponsor you with love!! :) You are amazing and I am so happy I am one of the 800+ people who get to read about your life (that I live with you daily....haha) **Kaylee, Isaiah, and I all vote daily**

  3. oh excited about the offers! these are fantastic! your blog always makes me so happy because of the title:-)

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