Monday, June 6, 2011

last week recap - {in iPhone pics} w.29

spoiler alert:  our week starts with a holiday, has a whole lotta p-ray in the middle, & ends with my car getting totaled.  i kinda didn't like the last part.

monday. we started our memorial day off with a run around the neighborhood & parker decided it was a good time to nap with his hands in the air.  sam spent the morning working in the yard in his awesome {and by awesome i actually mean hideous} yard work shorts.  more on those here.

we celebrated memorial day like good americans by bbq-ing with friends, watching parker do his yoga moves on a beach ball, & going grocery shopping.  pretty standard.

tuesday.  sam flew out of town again on tuesday morning {for the last time... yayayayayayyayaya!} & left p-ray & i all by ourselves.  so we did what we do best... play in our pj's til we felt like throwing on hats & hoodies to hit up target & costco.

that night i left parker with a sitter so i could check out a toddler behavior class at the hospital.  i'm pretty much an expert on the subject now so we can all expect parker to be a perfect little person from now on. true story.

wednesday.  parker successfully sat through about two hours of me shopping at the mall wednesday night so we celebrated by hitting up subway for some dinner & people watching.  clearly parker was more into checking out the cute little girl at the table next to him than his ham & cheese.

and guess what?  parker loves baths again.  it's a christmas miracle.  he went through about a two month phase of screaming bloody murder during baths... but, it looks like they're back on his good list.

thursday.  i would normally work on thursday but parker woke up with a gross snotty nose so i opted to keep him home & not get our sitter's kid sick.  but a little snot didn't keep us from going for a run around the capitol & hitting up the farmer's market.  two of my favorite things.

and then sam came home.  hall-lay-freaking-lu-lah!  i am so done with him being out of town for work... & so is he.  and so is parker.  so it's a good thing work is done with him being out of town too.  we like him best at home.  lots & lots.

the day was only made better by some cheesecake with our friends lindsey & tim.  tim got a year older & wiser & we got to eat some of lindsey's amazing homemade chocolate swirl cheesecake.  everybody wins.

friday.  parker's first trip to the dentist went great.  besides the part where he screamed at having the dentist's fingers in his mouth... but he loves his new toothbrush so i'm calling it a success.

after lunch at our favorite sandwich shop, i hurried home to get last minute stuff done for my weekend in seattle for bloggy bootcamp.  this included throwing together some last minute business cards & packing my bags.

friday night i had a blast with mandy, stephanie, & lauren over lots of food & froyo.  even though it was our first time all together, it felt like we'd been friends forever.  probably because we have.  through the interwebz.  and turns out that's as good as real life.

saturday.  i was up at bloggy bootcamp & sam & parker were headed to a mariner's game.  but while i was sitting listening to a speaker, i got a text from sam saying i needed to call him asap.  he started our phone conversation with "everyone's ok... but your car is totaled" & i kinda freaked out.  it was a shock to think of what may have happened had everyone not been ok.

long story short, sam was stopped waiting for a car in front of him to turn into a driveway when a winnebago came up behind him & slammed into our car.  that pushed him into oncoming traffic & he was hit again from the front.  so far both him & parker seem to be unaffected by it but we're having them both evaluated by our doctor to make sure.

i'm sure i'll be blogging more about this later.

and that was our crazy week.

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  1. Logan also went through a phase of hating baths. I think he was about 1, too. That's awesome that he had his 1st dentist appt, we've yet to take Lo. We'll do it this summer. Lucky for us he loves to brush his teeth thanks to the singing Thomas toothbrush, haha! Glad you had a good time with friends @ the bloggy contest.

    I'm so thankful everyone is okay!! That is one of my worst fears, a car accident with Logan. Just a heads up in case you don't know, but car insurance will pay for a brand spanking new carseat for Parker since you can't use them after car accidents. Please keep us updated about how the doctor appointment goes. Praying for you guys!!

  2. So glad everyone is okay! Hopefully your car situation will be sorted out quickly.

  3. Love seeing your pictures each week! So glad no one was hurt in the accident...and that hubby is done traveling :)

  4. So happy sam and p-ray are okay. But hate that your car is totaled!

  5. Hi there! Wow that's early for his first dentist visit, but that's great, they say you should take them as soon as teeth come out, but here they don't usually call them until they're 3. How nice with a farmer's market!!! We have too few of them around here...:(

  6. I am so glad that they are both ok! That would have made me totally freak out too! I am sorry that happened. But so happy they are ok!

  7. So thankful everyone is ok. Prayers your way.

  8. Oh wow. I'm so happy they are both ok. That's so scary, I can't even imagine.

  9. Busy week! I'm so glad they were ok too! Does it make you glad you had a good carseat for Parker?

  10. Wow! Could you pack a few more things into your week? Pretty miraculous!!

  11. Ohhhh my gosh-- how scary to be out of town when that happened with Parker in the car. I would have freaked out. SO glad that everyone is ok. Getting hit twice with a little guy in the car? How lucky that nothing happened to him. Whew!!

  12. Oh my, what a busy week! Hope everyone stays okay after the accident. Definitely scary, but glad everyone seems a-okay so far. :)

  13. You had a busy week! Hope Parker and Sam are still doing well after the accident. Can't wait to hear your recap of the Bloggy Bootcamp!!

  14. What a busy and great week. So sorry about the car and accident, but so glad everyone is okay.

  15. Thank goodness everybody is okay. That must have been a scary phone call!

  16. HOLY CRAP, that car accident looks terrifying. So glad everyone's ok.

    And I am totally blaming Parker's sleeping with his arms up pic for having "Dynomite" stuck in my head right now - "I throw my hands up in the air sometimes..."

  17. I just got my Canon 50MM f/1.8 lens you told me about awhile back! :) So far I love it. Thanks for the recommendation my blogger friend :)

  18. Soo glad they are okay! You are awesome for taking him to the dentist this early too. :)

  19. glad to hear everyone is okay!

  20. u always have fun weeks! i feel like such a bad mom for not taking corbin now! eek! i love that pic of you and the girls saturday!!

  21. that is soo scary! Glad everyone is doing okay. What is it with's like a switch on and day they love it, the next day they hate it.

  22. Oh my gosh...those car pictures (and story) were so scary. So glad everyone is ok!

  23. If life hands you lemons, ALWAYS EAT FRO-YO! Seriously, one of the best things for Bummer Times.


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