Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a call for sponsors in september!

that's right folks.

september is my & sam-bone's birthday month, so it's bound to be awesome.  wanna be a part of the celebrating?  let me host a giveaway for your shop!  or how about having your shop or blog be featured amidst all the p-ray cuteness, pinterest craftiness {so much more of this to come!} & health & fitness... -ess.  yeah?

you should.  you totally should.  here's what ya do:

1.  pick out your ad size:

2.  email me to reserve your spot:

3.  send me your ad to display.  don't have one or need it resized?  no worries, i can help ya out.
4.  wait for september to roll around so you can see your pretty button & check out your pretty face featured in my posts!

i look forward to working with you and getting your shop/blog/website/facebook page more traffic.  let's do this.

how about a way to support us that you can do right now?  click twice to vote.  you're my fave.
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  1. That's awesome! September is my birthday month as well. Let's celebrate :)

  2. Hope you get more cool sponsors. If I ever end up making things cool enough to sell, I'd love to sponsor you all! [One day]


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