Monday, August 1, 2011

ask me anything - w. 8

if you "like" my facebook page you may have already seen that i'm picking the "ask me anything" posts back up.  i still have a list of questions that are unanswered & it's fun to do something a little different every now & then.  so if you have something you've always been wondering, or even if you just make something up right now, feel free to ask me anything via comments, facebook, twitter or email.  mmmm k?

1.  today's first question comes from malanda via facebook.  she asked,

oooh, i love this question & not just because you called my baby adorable!  ok maybe that.  but also because this is a question that's been on our minds a lot lately.

before parker was born we always thought we wanted our babies about two years apart.  that meant getting pregnant, ummmm... this month.  but now that it's here, we're not really feeling ready quite yet.  we're just enjoying our time alone with parker way too much!  but we're not that far off.  i guess where i'll leave this question at, is that my ideal age difference now is about 2.5 years.  however, it's no secret that it took me a while to get pregnant so we don't want to wait too long, either.  i get really excited at the thought of hopefully being pregnant in the coming year!  but super scared too.  so i go back & forth between being impatient to get pregnant, & hesitant.

with all that said, hopefully look for some exciting pregnancy news sometime in the next year, ok?  cross your fingers!


2.  the second question comes from my sister-in-law laura.  she asked,

not even once!  i love love LOVE the name parker & i often wonder how we'll ever be able to pick out another name for the next baby that i will love as much.  the name suits him so well & i love that it's unique but not too trendy.

other names we had in mind were caleb, palmer, elliot, & taylor {all with middle name "ray" after my grandpa}. what's your favorite runner up?


and last but not least, helped me pick a winner for last week's alexandra rose giveaway!  today's lucky winner gets a $20 credit toward anything in her super cute shop.  lucky duck.

here's parker, snuggling with his very own alexandra rose taggie blanket to help me announce the winner.


congrats kristin!  i'll be sure to get you two in touch pronto.  bummed you didn't win?  don't forget to use your code "GOODLIFE" to get 10% off anything in her shop.  that'll make you feel like a winner, right?

and that's it for today.  happy august everyone!  maybe this is the month where summer will start in the pnw?  let's hope.

your votes always give me hope.  not sure for what, but they do.
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  1. Ok, soooo exciting that baby time might be sooner-ish than later-ish!!!!! I feel like we will be trying for number two in the next year, too! I'm scared, but I can't wait, either!

    And my favorite runner-up for names was obviously Elliot ;) but parker suits him SO well! I'm sure your next one will have a perfect name that fits him or her just as well :)

  2. Cute cute post! It will be so fun and so exciting when you announce a second little one on the way! You do make beautiful babies! Parker is such an adorable name for him!! :)

    And YAY! i won something! can I just say I am super excited! thank you for this great opportunity!!

  3. I'm so with you on both of these answers. We thought we'd be ready to start on baby #2 by now, but we're having so much fun as a family of three that we're putting it off. Also, I'm not quite ready to be pregnant again.

    As far as names - it's pretty much impossible to think of another name. We loved the name Kale from the get go and never even had a back up (and we had about three names we kinda liked for a girl). I don't know what we'll do for number #2. Kale the second??

  4. He is gorgeous and is without question a Parker. It suits him perfectly!

  5. I love these random questions! Taylor is my favorite runner up -- it's my brother's name. It's so strange to think of being pregnant again, huh? Our # 2s might be pretty close together!

  6. yay you answered my question :)) I'm super excited for you that baby time is approaching!!

    Ok and I think I'm the only one that didn't know Parker's middle name was Ray. I always wondered where p-ray came from lol. :) I love the runner ups, but I have to agree Parker fits him :))

  7. Yah for more babieS!! I'm so with you about being excited at the thought of getting pregnant, but also hesitant. Such a tough decision. But I do know that I don't want my babies too far apart so I think we need to figure it out soon. Ha ha. My fave runner up is Caleb-- because that was on my list of boys names, too! :)

  8. Wooooo for more babies! You guys do totally make adorable ones!!

  9. Parker fits him perfectly, I couldn't see him being named anything else! P-ray is a really cute and unique nickname too.

    For us, we couldn't imagine ever having another baby! Then there was this magical time when we felt ready and really wanted another. For me it was when our daughter turned 2, for my husband a few months later. (I guess that was how long it took for me to convince him, now that I think about it, HAHAH.)

  10. I will hope and pray that you guys get preggos EARLY next year so that hopefully we will have a baby to next year and then they can be friends/cousins! done and done

  11. Elliot is my favorite runner up. I totally want to name my little boy that, except I already have an Ellie so that might get confusing!

    Don't worry about picking out a name for the next one. You'll figure it out. Kimberly was on our list every time but it didn't feel right til girl #3. Even when I was pregnant with the 4th girl I kept thinking how much I loved the name Kimberly only to realize I already had one! haha! (it's all those pregnancies eating away at my brain, right?!)

  12. That Laura, I love her! She's visiting me today and yesterday and we talked all about your name conversation and your Parker and my Parker :)


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