Saturday, August 27, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 41

this week was weirrrrd.  i worked in the office on tuesday rather than thursday like usual so the rest of the week was all off.  you ever do that?  i spent wednesday feeling like it was friday & then on thursday i thought the week was over.

i can't explain it any more than that... it was just kinda "off."  but good nonetheless!  here it is:

monday.  parker & i got up per the uge & got all ready for stroller strides & errands only to go out to the garage & find the car locked.  with my keys in the diaper bag, inside the car.  ARGH.  so after some lazing around feeling sorry for ourselves, we got off our hineys & went for a 4.5 mile run.  i felt great but parker felt weird without his hat... it was locked in the car.

that afternoon parker woke up a different baby {remember this post?}.  he was f-u-s-s-y & if you looked at him wrong he was crying about it.  sam came home & made life better by making buffalo burgers w/ feta crumbles & staying home with parker while i ran to target post-bedtime in pajamas & no makeup for some therapy.  a couple t-shirts & some new makeup later, i felt like a new woman.

tuesday.  i went to work & drank lots & lots of water so i could beat my sisters & mom & nephew in our fitness challenge.  not sure if i'm gonna win, but i sure pee a lot more.  while i was at work, parker hung out w/ his bestie kaylee & tried to put on the moves at the petting zoo.  i don't think she appreciated it.

tuesday evening parker watched sam closely as he drew his bath to make sure it fit his specifications while i went for a late night run... with no stroller!  that was weird.  when i got back i peaked in on parker & attempted a sleeping picture.  my flash made him jump which made me jump & i was left with this pitiful picture.  mom fail.

wednesday.  i think parker schemed his breakfast tantrum the minute he got up... you can just tell he's up to something.  but despite that flinging-oatmeal-at-the-curtains breakfast-tantrum, he redeemed himself at stroller strides by running up to me & giving me a totally unprovoked hug.  i'm a push over like that.  {do you see his little hand on top of my head??  do you??  you'd forgive him too.}

the day just got better by him taking a three hour nap which allowed me to work on a new health/fitness post. he woke up a happy camper & the day continued to be awesome.  especially when sam came home & made steak ranchero to go with my lime-cilantro rice.  it was kinda gourmet & delicious.

thursday.  we headed north to meet up with a couple of our favorites: jill & corbin!  we hit up the children's museum & farmer's market where p-ray & the corbinator cruised for hot chicks & did some salsa dancing.  i guess they never found any hot chicks.

friday.  after stroller strides parker took his arts & crafts very seriously so he could use his skills to impress madison.  he was showing her his work & i think she was buying it.  later he read some books while he walked around {it takes talent} & watched home movies of himself on apple tv while sam passed out after spending two hours in traffic on his way home.  boo.

and capping off the week?  parker spelled out his name during bath time {baby genius} & then took a big bite out of the soap {not baby genius}.

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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  1. holy cow we make cute kids! haha love the salsa dancing. they are super talented too. picturing you rushing out of parkers room because because you woke him up with the flash cracks me up still. only because I DO IT ALL THE TIME! so fun hanging out with you guys!! lets do it more often! :)

  2. Poor guy, hope those teeth give him a break soon! Other than that it looks like another great week :)

  3. this is such a wonderful way to document your little mans life! adorable photos!

  4. I really need to step up my game and buy a phone that actually takes photos. Your iPhone posts are so fun.

    Target, at night, without kids, really is the best therapy. It may not be CHEAPER than actual therapy if you add it all up, but it works.

  5. Your food pics are making me super hungry and your Parker pics are giving me baby fever. I would forgive him for being a crab in a second!

  6. Um...the soap picture is prob the cutest ever.

  7. Your dinners look so yummy! Oy to the oatmeal slinging, but such a cute make-up session!! Parker seems to interact so well with other children!

  8. Retail therapy always makes me feel better. :) Teething is the WORST! Hope he feels better!

  9. I love the week by iphone posts!! You make every day sound like it was fun and productive. And good work on staying active, mama!

  10. Sounds like a fun week!
    Also where did get the recipe for the rice? Pinterest?
    As for teething we use Camilia which can be found at Whole Foods. We also use an Amber Teething necklace which has worked wonders for us. Good luck!
    I'm gonna give this link up a shot next week!

  11. Parker is ALWAYS NAKED. You should do a collage of naked Parker pics. The last pic of the week is especially adorable :)

  12. Looks like a great week with the cutest little boy ever!!

  13. I am such a sucker for toddler hugs. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes to Target in my PJs :)

  14. HAHAHA. Love the soap photos. what a silly guy:D

  15. I love this idea and I love the way you do your photos. I linked up, not sure if I did it correctly, is it supposed to show the entire link party and link up link? Anyway, I'm happy to participate. :) I'm a new follower. =)

  16. Looks like such a wonderful week. Your food looks so good.

  17. I just can't get enough of Parker tub pictures!


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