Saturday, August 13, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 39

first off, happy birthday to my wonderful mom!!  she is awesome & artistic & amazing & i love her.  feel free to check out her blog & wish her a happy birthday.  i think she'd like that.

we had an awesome week of doing nothing in particular.  which is pretty much what we always do.  we like it that way.  it looked like this:

monday.  stroller strides {parker says what up homies} & a target shopping spree.  yup that is my three new hoodies & two t-shirts laid out on display.  target gets me.

after sam got home we took a walk down to the park to play some b-ball.  while p-ray crawled around on the playground sam & i played some around the world.  pretty sure i lost horribly.

tuesday.  we headed to stroller strides bright & early so parker could play on the toys a bit before class.  when did he start climbing up things?  seriously, i don't know who this kid is.  then at lunch parker thought it was pretty hilarious to wear his plate on his head & i have to admit, it was humorous.  but since i'm the mom, i should probably discourage things like that right?

after his nap {where he woke up with awesome bed-head that you can't really see}, we waited for sam to get home & then hung out watching home videos, parker's favorite.  then while sam put parker down i died my hair... dark.

wednesday.  parker had his 15 month check up where he was poked, prodded, & called "puny."  no seriously, that's what the pedi called him.  whatever.  it was nothing a few kisses from his mama couldn't fix.

then we headed to trader joe's to buy some pizza fixings & chow on whole wheat pretzel sticks.  my first homemade pizza turned out delicious & sam & parker celebrated by making weird faces at each other.

thursday.  it was a gray hoodie kinda day at work where i snacked on organic apples dipped in fresh ground almond butter.  try it!  delicious.

i hit up target during lunch & couldn't pass up this super cute dress.  would someone please tell target to quit selling clothes i can't say no to??  i also grabbed a pencil skirt, threw it over the top of the dress, & plan on using the dress as a top too.  that's remixing, yo.

thursday night ended with girl's night at a pizza pub in hoodies & hats.  perfection.

friday.  i waited patiently for parker to quit playing with my smoothie & decide to eat his breakfast so we could run off to stroller strides & he could be king of the mountain in the playground {which he obviously was}.  but how do you tell a 15 month old to eat faster?  you don't.

friday night was spent wrestling, giving resistant babies baths, & my family in bed by 9.  so i stayed up & edited photos.  not a bad way to spend a friday night if i do say so myself.  although... i coulda used some fro-yo.

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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  1. I just bought that exact same dress from Target and I LOVE it, so cool and comfortable! Parker is so freakin' cute it's ridiculous, I love him in his little boy ball cap, he's just so precious and makes me want a boy like right now!!!!

  2. Looks like a great week. Love that dress. I need to get some new clothes.

  3. parker is definitely one of the coolest dressed kids around. i always love everything he wears.

    love that dress too.

  4. hi! i am a new follower. :) love your blog! your little man is so cute!

  5. My night was missing some froyo too. Love the hair!

  6. Your blog is one of my favorite ones to read, your son is just too adorable. I'm linking up with you. I love target too, I can't walk out of there without buying something.

  7. Target always kills me, I always leave with something other than what I came for haha.

  8. your hair looks fab!!!! And how dare they call P-ray puny?! Can't they see his personality is HUGE?

  9. Love the way you break down your week like this. How do I find you on Instagram? I bought the same dress at Target (Love), its even in one of my pics for the week. Love the way you remixed it!! Awesomen-- nice to "meet" ya

  10. What color did you dye your hair? dark brown? chestnut? It looks really good. Everytime I try to dye my hair dark it turns out black, and I don't like it. I need some suggestions! Thanks!

  11. I love that your mom has a blog. My Mom does, too! I'm going to be super lame this week and I won't be posting my iphone pics. I didn't really take that many! Lame.
    Love the dress from Target, BTW!

  12. cute pictures ! What a fun week !

  13. Puny? No way! And your hair looks great :)

  14. Dude, how cool is it that your mom blogs? I have to snail mail my mom because she refuses to buy a computer.

    Your hair looks awesome. And I'm loving your Target dress/remix.

  15. I love that dress as a top! So cute! And that homemade pizza looks awesome. I've been keeping up on your "mama-vation" posts too, LOVE them!

  16. my first thought was "WHOA! Your mom has a blog?!?!?" My mom reads mine, but I think that is about as far as her blogging could possibly go.

    Second thought, P-Ray with a plate on his head is pretty dang cute. I'd have a hard time telling that guy to cut it out too.

  17. I so love that dress you picked out!! Cutness! And as always, P-Ray looks adorable.

  18. Man, I wish we had a Target in England! It sounds amazing!! :)
    I so miss taking part in these link-ups, I can't wait until October when I get a new phone!
    & puny!?! That kid's a hunk! & an adorable one at that!! :)

  19. Hi. I just caught up from having no service. I miss you guys. Tell parker that a play date w auntie is needed soon!


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