Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i shoulda gone to bed early. instead i wrote this post.

eek, this is gonna be random.  but you probably already knew that because i said it up there in the picture.  bring on the bullet points.

•   i bought three hoodies & two t-shirts {one is pictured above} today at target.  what does this tell me?  i've given up on summer here in the PNW.  that, & fashion apparently.  i think i am destined to be a jeans/hoodies/and t-shirts kinda girl forever.  i'm ok with that.

•   i get a really weird satisfaction out of folding laundry.  something about taking a huge heaping mound of clothes out of a laundry basket & then replacing it with neatly folded piles that fit easily inside the basket just makes me happy.  you may be thinking it's the lame stay-at-home-mom in me, but you'd be wrong.  i've always been that way.

•   i turn 29 in a month & two days.  i'm not only telling you this so that you can be thinking of what to get me {hint:  macbook air!}, but also because i want to do a 30-before-30 list & am interested in if anyone has their own i can copy. ya know, because coming up with 30 things to do in the next year can be daunting since 30 is such a big number.  so let me cheat off of you, ok?

•   is it weird that i think about what i want parker to be for halloween almost daily?

•   did you know that david schwimmer has done basically nothing besides voices for madagascar movies since "friends"?

•   i come up with ideas for my blog while running.  i think of all kinds of fitness tips & tricks that i can't wait to share, but then when i get home i've already forgotten about them.  i guess i'll have to master typing on my iPhone while running.  this has to happen.

•   i'll be dying my hair darker again this week & i'm pretty excited about it.  i've been feeling a case of the "hair blahs" lately & i've even been thinking about cutting bangs.  scary!  they never seem to work the way i hope because of weird side calicks.  and by weird side calicks, i pretty much mean bald spots.

•   i hate how i'm making the exact same face in this picture as i am in the one on the right sidebar.  creepy!

•   i'm currently craving a peanut butter cup s'more.  and i can't blame that on pregnancy since i'm not even prego.  if i was, i'd totally find a way to eat one right now.

and that's all i got.  i'm off to bed!

how about a couple random clicks for some random thoughts?  seems fair.
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  1. I like random posts, very informative! Can you please come and motivate me because I HATE folding laundry!

  2. lol i love random stuff. i always feel like a nerd when i post them, but yours work! and yea i agree with olivia..can you come fold mine? i love washing and drying, but HATE folding. lol

  3. I have a great idea for your lost thoughts during your runs: buy a digital voice recorder! You can put it on a lanyard/necklace and just grab it to talk when you think of something! I put mine by my bed when I sleep since that's when I get my ideas!

  4. I seriously think up so much stuff while I'm running too, but then never remember. I've thought about a voice recorder a wee bit, but I'm mostly running at the gym, so I'd look like a total fool...

    And Halloween costume ideas? Starting to consume me too. I have to figure out something that I like that she will actually wear! Right now if it isn't cotton stretch shorts and a comfy shirt or a pretty short dress she gets irritated. And stuff on the head? Forget it. I have no idea what were going to do.

  5. i got MACbook air last month in iStudio in BKK, crap! the trackpad didn't work that well, and i was about to throw it away as i was doing my blog... you know, playing with pictures and stuff, need to be precise, and the trackpad didn't move according to my finger. Lucky they accepted this and changed a new one for me... yeey!! now.. love it!!

  6. I totally just got bangs (well, I guess it was June), but little hair tip trick, if you have a cowlick, part the hair the opposite side the cowlick so the weight of the hair makes it go away! I don't know if that makes sense, but it totally works!

  7. I'm glad someone else is with me on the t-shirt, jeans, hoodie fashion sense :) I can't seem to break it!

  8. I get the laundry thing! Especially if you can get it out soon after the dryer stops so it is still cozy and warm! (much easier to fold too) It is satisfying to create order out of chaos...

  9. I'm with ya on the laundry thing. Also, you really can't go wrong with jeans/hoodies/and t-shirts. That's better than what I've been doing all summer, which is sweat in the 110 degree heat and wish I didn't have to wear anything when I went outside...or wish that I didn't have to go outside at all. Bravo for random thoughts! (Also, definitely creepy on the face thing. It's basically the same picture! Weird.)

  10. love random posts! I am glad that I am not the only one who thinks of their kid's halloween costumes in the middle of summer! And I would love to read a post about your fitness techniques! :)

  11. i think about my little deacon's halloween costume daily, too. i can't help it, i'm so excited for his first halloween (he'll be 6 months, then). i'm thinking a giraffe.

  12. I woke up this morning, looked at the pile of laundry that's been sitting on my couch, unfolded. Then thougt, "Nah! I'm gonna check out my fave blogs then spend the rest of the morning pinning on Pinterest." =)

  13. I also come up with blog ideas while running...and rarely do they make it to the blog. :)

  14. I have that same shirt and I LOVE it. So comfy.

  15. Use the voice recorder while you're running! I always think of blog ideas and couldn't ever remember to jot them down, so I do this a lot now to keep them straight :)

  16. I have totally become a jeans and tshirt kind of girl too. Random = fun :)

  17. I am a going to be 29 on Oct. 11 and I was thinking about doing the 30 before 30 list too but have NO idea what they should be!!! And I love that shirt of yours... I want a Dr. Pepper one but my Target never has them! :(

  18. I'm totally with you on thoughts for brilliant blog posts (and other brilliant solutions) while I'm running that seem to slip through the fingers when I stop. My blog would be so awesome if I could remember half of my incredible ideas. Well, I like to think so anyway.

    Also, I'm turning 29 in a few months myself and have been thinking of a list to do. Let me know what you come up with so I can steal some of your ideas!

  19. i despise laundry - especially the folding - especially my husbands whites. worst ever. you are welcome in my home anytime ;)

    jeans & tshirt pretty much describes my ideal outfit.


  20. LOL - that sidebar pic creeps my out too! how funny!! Okay, in response:

    - I always feel less fashionable that most mommy bloggers and secretly think we all dress up when we take blog pics (confession)

    - I don't have a 30 before 30 because I am older than 30 (sigh) but Nicole at Making it Lovely does. www.makingitlovely.com (fun, home, life blog)

    - I hate doing laundry.

    - I am OBSESSED with the babes Halloween costumes (maybe because they're twins and they have to look like dolls? Hmmm)

  21. I loved the random post. :) That's how I think late at night. My mind usually takes forever to calm down, I lay in bed waiting for it to think itself out. Ha! I want to do the 30 before 30 too. I'm 27, so I've got a while but let me know if you find a good list and share your list! :) Oh and I think about my daughter's Halloween costume daily too! It's a difficult decision. hehe :)

  22. I did a 25 before 25 post you can look at. LOL I think of posts while laying in bed at night, so I understand your frustration with not being able to write them down.

  23. Ohh I LOVE Random Amy! I'm sad I missed her. Hopefully she will be around soon!

  24. Here is my "list" :) I started it when I was like 20 though so I've had some time to do some of the bigger things. (Copy/Pasted from Facebook)

    "30 Things to Do Before I'm 30" (In No Particular Order!) :-)

    1. Read through the Bible (I'm on the 5 year plan)
    (Check) 2. Go to Vegas
    (Semi-Check) 3. Go to Arizona
    (Check) 4. Go back to NY again
    5. Have a kid (or two...)
    (Check) 6. Buy a House
    7. See the Grand Canyon
    8. Ride on a motorcycle (like a Harley!)
    (Check) 9. Go to San Francisco and see Alcatraz
    (Check) 10. Go to Maui
    (Check) 11. Go to Spokane to visit Kendra
    (Check) 12. Read East of Eden (All 602 pages!)
    (Check) 13. Take a Golf Lesson from Harry
    (Check) 14. Go to Central Park
    15. Ride in a Limo
    16. Swim with dolphins
    (Check) 17. Drink wine in Italy
    18. Go to Australia

  25. I like your random thought! :) I *love* your Coke shirt, probably because I'm a HUGE coke fan...heading to Target after work today! I've been contemplating bangs too. Take & post pics when/if you decide to pull the trigger. I started thinking of Halloween a couple weeks ago! I don't think I'll have any of the kiddies, but I'm looking forward to seeing what P-Ray will be. :)

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. I totally love folding laundry to and I'm pretty ADHD about it. Whenever Kris folds a towel (very, very rarely), I unfold and refold so it's absolutely perfect.
    I'm also suffering a serious case of the hair blahs. I also have a weird baldish spot (thanks post-preggo hair loss).
    And finally, the only thing on my 30 before 30 list (which makes it a 1 before 30 list actually) was to have a kid. Which I accomplished with exactly one week left in my 20's.

  28. I want a MacBook air so bad, but the pro is better for me with more storage and everything. I wish I could have both! And I'm the same way as you, I think about blog post ideas when I'm in the most random places with no way to record it.

  29. Random posts are often the best! :)

    I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and always will be. Nothing wrong with it whatsoever! We are simple <3

    I would love to hear your fitness tips! I really need some!

  30. Download Evernote to your iPhone and you can use it to make voice notes and organize everything else in your life.

  31. I CAN'T STOP thinking about Halloween. And it doesn't help that we are having a costume party for O's 1st birthday that weekend, so there is added costume pressure.

  32. I SERIOUSLY love laundry...like, it's my favorite chore. Something about folding clothes...I'm just not so good at putting them away.

    And I like this post...many different subjects addressed with only as much detail as needed. So keep 'em coming!

  33. You are so gorgeous!

  34. I love this post this. It was the best ever! OH and I already thought 3 times this week what I Conner might be for Halloween. We are weird..

  35. Random posts rock! My list is a 40 Before 40 list ... sad. I'm staring at that big number in my future.

    Interesting fun fact about David Schwimmer, seems about right :)

  36. I'm so ready for cooler weather. I'm so ready to be able to go out and buy hoodies. I'm not a big fan of Summer at all. At least not Louisiana Summer. Way too hot for my taste. We are always asking for "hoodie weather" as we call it down her. Also, I kind of like doing laundry too. But, don't tell my husband that because then he'll never help me again. :D

  37. Totally just now commenting on this. But I just want to say that you stole my heart with that Coke shirt. No joke. I'm a addict. A coke addict that is. :)


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