Monday, August 8, 2011

steppin' out with otters?

don't worry, we'll get to the otters.

this week's steppin' out post is kind of a fail.  i gave my camera to sam with some miscalculated settings & the results are a couple of blown out faces.  ooops.  at least you can probably make out parker's sad "put-me-down-i-don't-want-you-to-hold-me-i-just-want-to-run-around" face.  that face?  is the reason why we didn't attempt any more pictures... it just got worse.  until he was put down & running around again.

this is just about what you'll find me wearing pretty much 95% of the time.  jeans & a t-shirt.  yup, that's my mom uniform pretty much how i've always dressed.

{linking up with mandy at harper's happenings for steppin' out saturday.  woohoo!}

our weekend was pretty sweet.  we had lots of fun visitors, lots of good food, an insanity-fitness-test-off, & i got to play photographer not once but twice.  saturday night i met up with mandy for a group mentorship session which was uh-mazing & then i also got to shoot our friends' maternity pictures.  check them out here.  love them!

sam & i ended our weekend with a walk in the park.  we got to enjoy the perfect weather & parker got to spend some time climbing on the playground & going down the slide all by himself for the first time.  sorry, i was too busy being an excited mom to get pictures of it.  but here he is making his way up to the top & gearing up for the ride back down.

oooh, the anticipation.

after the playground it was off to explore everything else.  parker enjoyed picking up & throwing rocks, dancing along park benches, & climbing over curbs.  you know, the important things.

and here's the part where there may or may not be otters.  we walked along the lake & saw three or four weird floating things that were very nessie-esque.  i'm 75% sure they were otters though, & not monsters.  although i wasn't aware there were otters in our neck of the woods & it wouldn't take much to convince me that there are monsters in that lake, so it's still up for debate.

you be the judge.

either way, parker was pretty excited about it.

that's the face i make every single time you vote for this blog.  i promise.
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  1. My guess is that they're river otters (which also live in lakes, interestingly enough), but they do look awfully Nessie-esque! How fun to see them, looks like Parker loved watching them! Can't wait to see you all soon! :)

  2. What a happy post! Such fun - can't wait to see this little guy walk all over. It will be old news by the time we see you but still a huge thrill for all of us! Love the 'Nessie' part too...

  3. Thats seriously what I wear as well. Thank goodness I am not the only one not sporting dresses all the time at home.ha.. You are super tiny btw! Love Parker's face so happy!

  4. What a cutie! He looks SO happy. You must be a wonderful mama to have such a happy little boy :)

  5. Love the expression on Parker's face in the last pic! :)

  6. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of mom too. It's just so easy and comfortable. Who wants to squat down to pick up a flailing child in a cutesy dress? It's just not practical.

  7. yep, looks like otters to me.
    When I lived in Florida we had some that were swimming in our retention pond. So cute and playful. Love the lil guys shoes!

  8. 1st thing, never trust the hubby to take the pics! ha ha.
    2nd thing, I LOVE Parkers red shirt, I got him the same one but in blue. CUTE!
    3rd thing, had a BLAST in seattle at the mentoring session, I am SO glad you came up for it!!
    4th thing, Isn't it awesome watching your babe get more independent at the park?? Bennett goes down the big slides now - and it just kills me what a big boy he is now!

  9. Love the pictures. I'm hoping when things calm down a little bit, I'll be able to learn how to take great shots like these.

    Sidenote, I think E has that t-shirt. Target right? Love it! We got him this adorable one this weekend that was on clearance for $5. It was washed out and said MALIBU on it. We can dream can't we. :)

  10. I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog :).

  11. He's so cute. I feel the same way whenever I have someone take pictures on every SOS post. They all suck, lol. Yours are cute though.

  12. cute post as always! and that definitely looks like otters to me! How cool to have that in the lake! And the last picture is the best! such a great happy face!! :)

  13. I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one that wears jeans and t-shirts most of the time. It's what I'm most comfortable in and it's the easiest thing when it comes to chasing after a 16 month old. Parker is such a cutie pie!

  14. Love the stage Parker is at - what curiosity! I didn't know we had otters...

  15. That last picture is insanely precious!!!


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