Tuesday, March 24, 2015

getting in front of the camera // march

since there was approximately one picture of me in last year's p365 album, i've resolved to make it a higher priority to get in FRONT of the camera once in a while.  actually, i've decided that once in a while should be about once a month.  i figure my boys will want to look back & know i was around too, right?

getting comfortable in front of the camera is really hard for me.  i find so many reasons why today is not the day for a selfie.  my hair isn't washed, i'm not wearing makeup... or... ok, those are pretty much the main reasons.  but on monday evening i decided to forget those things & give it a go. i set the camera up on my dresser, gave the boys the remote & let the shutter fly.  they had a blast pushing the button, watching the red light on my camera come on & hearing it click.  who knew it even had a red light when it shoots?  maybe that's just a remote thing but it was new to me.  apparently being on the other side of the lens is educational, too.

hopefully this is the start of a year-long project.  it'd be so fun to have a collection of images with my boys for every month at the end of the year.  at some point i'll have to start getting creative with setting & poses though right?  i mean how many squishy boy cheek kissy photos can i have?  oh well. for this month it works.

so here's a few of the results of my first month of the getting in front of the camera project.  here goes nothing!

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