Friday, March 6, 2015

life lately // january, pt 2

january was a rough photography month for me.  it's so hard to find beauty in the day when everything around you is bare & dead & grey.  i spent a lot of time in january feeling uninspired & not wanting to pick up my camera.  but somewhere in the last four years i read when you're feeling like you don't want to shoot, the best thing to do to get past that is shoot anyway.  just pick up your camera & shoot.  so there was a lot of that in january!  it forced me to find beauty in other details around me, for sure.

we took a couple trips to the beach this month, it's quickly becoming our family's happy place.  the boys freaking love the beach.  running through the waves and being soaked up to their waists in 45 degree weather has nothing on them.

after a few days at the beach sam & i were trying to put our finger on why this particular trip was so fun.  we pretty much settled on the fact that it's the boys' age.  they are SO fun to take on adventures right now.  vacations actually feel like vacations because they get it.  they get that it's a trip, they adapt quickly, neither of them nap & they play together so well.  while it's bittersweet to be making our way out of the baby stage, this time of just all growing up together & experiencing life through living is totally winning.

i'm pretty stoked to be blogging a bit again.  i reaaaally hope i find time to do this regularly but we all know how that's gone in the past.  but!  i have big things happening for this blog in my head, guys.  so many house projects going on, recipes, working on my fitness & of course, a couple of cute little boys that'll find their way on here too i'm sure.  so if you choose to stick around & see what happens i hope to have something worth your while from time to time!

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