Tuesday, March 10, 2015

weekend getaway // seabrook

so it's almost midnight, i can barely keep my eyes open... seems like a great time to post to the blog right?  why not!

spontaneous weekend adventures are my love language, guys.  this was totally last minute when a few things just fell right into place & before we knew it we were driving out yet again to the washington coast.  there was lots of beach time, snacks, pool time, a campfire & more beach time.

the boys are obsessed with the beach.  nevermind that the water is freezing & gross (what is that ocean goo anyway??), they found it totally normal to run through it & get soaked up to their waists.  And of course we had the standard crying & complaining when it was time to leave the water.  whatever weirdos.

my favorite part of the beach is obviously the picture taking.  well, picture taking & the snacks.  chocolate milk & a box of old fashioned donuts is our go-to for the record.  mmmmmm, donuts.

anywho... them beach tones, tho.  catch ya next time seabrook!

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