Sunday, March 15, 2015

some photography related rambling.

i think every artist goes through stages of like & dislike of their own work.  we are our own worst critics, for sure.  we simultaneously love our own work & hate it.  i keep pushing in the direction that is "my style" while also admiring so many great photographers who inspire me to take a new approach.

sometimes i have editing schizophrenia.  dull, soft, dreamy tones or saturated, bright & happy colors? as artists we reserve the right to change our minds.  i admire those photographers who are super consistent.  they have a style you could pick out of a line up because it is just so "them."  that's what i'm striving to be someday.  i wonder if i'll ever feel like i've arrived?  like if i EVER feel like my pictures look exactly the way i want them to look.  it's so weird to have an idea in your head that you're working towards & just not be there.

don't get me wrong, i have seen significant improvement in my stuff over the last two years since doing my photo a day project, but i think i will ALWAYS be working towards that idea of where i see myself in my head.  every now & then i really do love my stuff.  i look at it & think well yeah, that's pretty good.  but i promise, in my head i'm saying i just got lucky.  i couldn't do it again if i tried.  i think that's a combo of the magic of photography as well as my own naysaying.  photography is magical because a certain moment really can't be recreated.  i really couldn't do it again if i tried because that exact moment will never, ever happen again.  at least not exactly as it once was.  so i really did just get lucky.

photography is just a combination of being in the right place at the right time & being technically skilled enough to do the right thing at the right moment.  i think that's why we photographers get so obsessed.  it's a thrill.  we really are just junkies trying to catch that high we feel when we nail a shot.  it's addicting.

it's exciting to see how far i've come since first picking up a dslr in 2010.  it's exciting to think how far i could continue to go if i keep pushing on.  it's safe to say my obsession is alive & well & probably at an all time high.  i'm also excited to have revitalized this blog so i can get these thoughts out of my head at 2 am.  even if it is just rambling.

and now for some pretty pictures.  ;)


  1. Welcome back to blogging, Amy! I've always loved following you through your pictures! You're an amazing photographer (a real inspiration to me as an amateur photographer of my kids), and I'm so excited to see your posts popping up in my RSS reader again.

    1. thanks Kandice! I've been enjoying it. Maybe some day my posts will get a little more substantial but it's been fun to pop in every now & then & dump whatever random thought is in my head & a few pictures :)

  2. Your pictures are always so beautiful! I would love to know more about your editing/post-processing! Do you create your own filters/actions, etc.? Or is there a typical kind you use? Your photos always look so great. I love following along on this blog :)

    1. thanks so much Ashlye! I edit with VSCO Lightroom presets & usually tweak things like exposure & temperature to my liking in Lightroom. :)


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