Monday, March 16, 2015

house tour // the boys' room progress

i'm a little torn about posting a room tour when it's really not 100% done... i'd say we're at about 75%?  but i am just so excited at where this room is at, i can't wait any longer.  and really, is any room ever actually 100% "done"??  in the coming months we'll be switching elliot from his crib to a big boy bed.  i already have all his bedding set & ready to go so i'm anxious to finish off this room... but alas, he has his own timing.  he loves his crib & has no interest in a real bed so that's on hold.  i suppose it's probably better this way, they're going to lose a lot of valuable floor space with the second bed in there so i should just stop my rush!

anyway, here is the room as it stands now.  i painted it white (it was like a dull beige before) & sam helped me put up the shelves last night.  so now i'm ready to share it as it is now with the world!  i wanted white in their room because it provides a bright happy blank slate with all their toys & fun art adding a pop of color.

the wall at the head of their beds is still totally blank.  once we get elliot's bed set up we'll put in a nightstand between the two beds & do something with that wall.  right now i'm envisioning a clothesline going the length of the wall for them to display their own art & school projects.  we'll see... i seem to change my mind every day.

here is the room as of now!  sources are posted at the end.

dresser: IKEA
bed: craigslist (old IKEA hemnes model)
crib: target
dinosaur wall art: etsy
quilt: target
duvet: pottery barn kids
sheets: target
quilt: gifted
stool: IKEA
shelves: IKEA
whicker baskets: target
parker & elliot dinosaur watercolor: my mom
vintage toy trucks: flea market
world clock: IKEA
closet organizers & baskets: target
globe: craigslist
parker self portrait: parker
elliot's blanket: gifted
elliot's crib sheet: target
paint color: white dove by benjamin moore
chalkboard paint: benjamin moore


  1. I like the idea of putting shelves at the bottom of the closet for books and baskets of toys to keep the clutter hidden and allow ore floor space in their room!! I may have to steal this idea whenever I find a new place for the tubs of clothes he has grown out of!!! 😄

    1. thanks! Yes, hiding clutter is the name of the game ;)

  2. I love love love those! So sweet and simple!!

    1. thank you! I have been digging the minimalist look these days. Sweet & simple is exactly what I'm going for :)

  3. I love it! I wish I could master the art of "beautifully simple". May I ask where you got those adorable book ends from? I always toy around for our boys to share a room and wonder if they would really love it. We don't need them to as we have plenty of space, but I think it would be fun. Glad you're BACK!!

    1. the boys LOVE sharing a room. I will keep them in the same room for as long as possible so we can use the other rooms for other things! the bookends are originally from IKEA but I don't think they have them anymore. I bought one at IKEA years ago & actually found the second one at Goodwill recently! Keep your eyes out ;)

  4. I cannot help but feel this clean style will impact the boys' moods - more calming with no clutter! Beautiful! :D

    1. Thanks! Calm & serene is definitely what we're going for. Reality is something a little different ;)

  5. Your boys look really happy in their rooms and I think you did a great job with decorating! Keep us updated after you're done moving a headboard in!


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