Sunday, March 8, 2015

life lately // february & life in portland

did i mention we moved out of state?  i had always lived in washington my whole life until this summer when we made the big huge move to... drum roll please... portland, oregon!  haha, so far away.  some of my posts from this last summer talked about our endless house hunt which finally ended after nine months of looking.  thirty-something houses toured via in person & facetime tours, a few really understanding & patient realtors (thanks redfin!), two house offers later, we landed the perfect-for-us house.

we've been spending the last six months working on making this house our home.  painting, decorating, scouring craigslist, researching ikea hacks & strategically picking out the pieces worth spending the big bucks on.  it's all coming together.  eventually i plan to share some of these projects on here because it's been so fun.  i mean, how satisfying is finding an idea on pinterest and then actually DOING IT?  it's kind of amazing. totally blog worthy.

anywho, here are a few peeks at what our february looked like.  the weather was weirdly warm & sunny & we managed to get out & explore a lot.  but somehow i seem to just end up taking the most pictures of these guys hanging out around the house, so here is that.

enjoy the last day of the weekend! it's back to the grind mañana.


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