Monday, March 23, 2015

reflections on a monday

i don't historically love mondays.  does anybody?  we usually do all kinds of fun things on weekends so when it's back to real life on monday, i'm always in a bit of a funk.  today was next level funk.

last weekend we had six houseguests here for the ncaa tournament games taking place in portland.  i love love love having company here & the endless party that comes along with that.  sam's parents, sister & husband, brother & a friend were all here & there was lots of eating at our favorite spots around portland, late night games & movies, a zoo trip & some poker.  everyone headed home on sunday so the house felt awful quiet come monday.  lame.

anyways, last week was pretty rad is what i'm trying to say.  the weather was top notch & we got outside a lot. there was good light which means i was able to take a handful of pretty pictures & for me that's the makings of a good week.

also, in light of having all sorts of fun last week (read: donuts, ice cream, slurpees, costco muffins, etc) i am hitting it hard this week with the clean eats & workouts.  i took the last month off due to a hamstring injury & am going to be going to the gym for the first time in a long time tomorrow.  is it weird how excited i am?  i hope my leg holds out & i'm able to get back into a routine.  i miss me some fitness in my life!

on that note, i'm headed to bed.  5:30 gym time comes early... really, really early.  enjoy some pics from our last week & happy tuesday!


  1. Love these! So glad you are posting again. I love seeing what your boys are up to since we are at a similar stage. :)

  2. Love all the pics! Those boys have the most winning smiles! Warms my heart.... <3

  3. Such knowledge should be well used by us. Kim


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