Friday, December 3, 2010

flashback friday: {animal adventures}

to say i loved my time at washington state university would be an understatement.  my time at wsu changed my life forever.  i discovered who i was there.  i became independent.  i grew up. 

while there, i majored in wildlife ecology.  best. major. ever.  i always wanted to do something with animals, conservation, the planet, global warming, climate change, save the world, yadda yadda yadda.  i had so many amazing opportunities while going to school at wazzu & will never forget them.

{these pics come at ya circa 2004 - 2006. ish.}

{1} working at the vet school - inserting an iv catheter into a dog {2} monitoring anesthesia on same dog {3}  holding a rare & threatened pygmy rabbit {4} playing with a bear cub - yes he takes a paci {5} field trip to study big horned sheep - sheep in background. see me? {6} holding "kessie" - an american kestrel

i love that i'm able to continue to work part-time as an ecologist & use my hard earned degree.  

oh, & i love that the cougs are totally gonna beat the huskies in the apple cup tomorrow.  GO COUGS!

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  1. Sooooo cute!! I always wondered what kind of work you did.

  2. this is truly awesome amy! i would love to do something like this.

  3. Hi!

    I just found your blog through "Top Baby Blogs"- its great! :) I'm following along :)

    Feel free to check out mine & follow along!

  4. ok, despite the fact that your a cougar...BELCH.

    that is awesome! your like super eco mom-i love it!

  5. So cool. I love animals. Great photos. This would be my dream job.

  6. What an awesome major!!! How amazing... only I wouldn't be able to handle any snakes. I would totally freak out!! That bear with the pacifier is adorable!!!

  7. That really does sound like a fun degree!! How awesome. You're pics are cute, too :)

  8. What a major blessing that you transferred to WSU on so many levels - especially so much inter-action with all the critters! One little detail was you met a pretty special young man there... love ya. oxox

  9. That sounds like a fun major! And..GO COUGS!

  10. What a cool major. And I'm hoping you snuck that tiny rabbit home, because I totally want it!

  11. The bear taking a paci is soo cute!


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