Monday, December 6, 2010

steppin' out saturday {on friday, posted on monday}

well, i'll be honest.  we didn't do much this weekend.  sam & parker are both fighting colds & we spent 100% of the weekend in pj's.  oh wait, i threw on jeans as opposed to fleecey pj's for an hour on saturday when we went to target.  i spared you pictures of that though.

my "steppin' out" picture this week is from friday's bloggy mom playdate, where i did wear something other than pajamas.  and the picture is courtesy of the amazing mandy, from a sorta fairytale.

you can **kinda** see my outfit, right?

plaid shirt - f21
long sleeve thermal - target
jeans - 7 for all mankind, nordstrom
shoes - converse, target

i like this picture so much i stuck it up on my NEW PHOTO BLOG {**hint, hint.  click here!! click here!!**}  and this is what parker spent most of his weekend in:

coug shirt - old navy
sweats - baby gap

looks pretty happy for being a sickie, right?  if ya look closely you might be able to see a hint of some bulging lower teeth coming through, too.  he's a trooper.

see more "steppin' out" posts here:

and alas, our cougs lost the apple cup on saturday.  oh c'mon, like anyone actually expected them to win.  the game was pretty exciting though & coug fans are diehard, so we love 'em anyway.

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  1. I love jammie weekends! I think its not a really great weekend if getting dressed is required. Although, I do like your outfit in the pic. =D

  2. ah ha! i meant to ask where you got that cute plaid shirt!!! i swear i've said this a million times but i'll say it again-- loved seeing you and parker!! we need to do it again soon!!! hope you all start feeling better soon. being sick is no good!

  3. look at you with your cute little butt. i hate you.

  4. might have to invest in some 7 jeans if they'll make me look that good! he he!
    adorable pics!

  5. Thats such a cute picture!! So excited about your NEW photo blog!! YAY!! And I love PJ weekends.

  6. Cute photo of Parker. Like your outfit.

  7. Aww! Parker is adorable!! I have flannel shirt just like that that I love!

  8. Too cute. I saw you and Parker on Hi, Baby and it made my head hurt...I kept thinking, that's not her blog, why are they over here. No sleep makes me a sloooowww one. Heh.

  9. Cute pix- you're making me want a new camera so bad!

  10. Great photos - I love those jeans - I have worn a hole through mine.... boo :(

  11. Great pictures, your little boy is so sweet. I have a Parker too and love my seven jeans :)


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