Saturday, December 25, 2010

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics} w.6

parker & i made it to stroller strides this week.  once.  go us!  he gets all zipped up in his bear suit to stay nice & cozy.  also?  if you want a kid to sleep for hours, this is the magical suit for that.  when he naps in this suit he sleeps for hours.  every. single. time.

we met up with some other moms for a playdate & perused the mall.  dear lindsey: when i said you should get that hair clip because it will go with anything... i was serious.  it totally pairs with your baby sling perfectly.  right?

i worked half a day on wednesday, & had to battle crazy last minute mall shopper traffic to pick parker up from the sitter.  sam got home not much after us to commence our long holiday weekend full of celebrations.  kinda wish i could go back to this day & live it all again.  it's been that fun.

we spent the day cleaning, folding laundry, & getting the house ready for sam's parents to arrive.  nothing like a squeaky clean house to start off a holiday weekend.

for sam & i, christmas eve was all about starting & finishing our christmas shopping... nothing like a little holiday procrastination.  christmas eve for parker was spent in new pajamas, playing with nana & papa, & counting down 'til santa came. 

hope you all had a great week counting down til christmas!  merry christmas friends!

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  1. Ha! I made your blog! That clip was hideous and my baby looks like she's falling out of her sling! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Those pjs on Parker in your other post are just adorable!

  2. Glad to see how you manage to find joy in everyday life. Seems like you’ve had a good week with your loved ones and I mean there really is nothing better than being around your family specially during the holiday season.


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