Friday, December 10, 2010

flashback friday: {awkward family photos}

this flashback comes at ya circa 1982.  when hair was feathered, glasses were thick brimmed, & apparently girls wore bow ties.

meet my family, 28 years ago. 

do you see me?  i'm not looking at the camera because apparently someone in the back corner was creeping me out.  yup, i'm the baby.  {clockwise from left:  shelley, dad, heidi, gina, mom, & me.}

and the only way i won't be shunned from my family for posting this much awesomeness is if i post a current photo of everyone.  because we don't all still look like this.  {and by this, i mean, totally awesome.}

my sisters:

...who now have clearly lost their style.  i guess the 80's really were the glory days.
and ya'll remember my parents from this post, right?  well, here they are again, in all their cuteness:

and now, last call:

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  1. Hey! You did not include an updated pic of you! I laughed so hard at the part of you being creeped out by somebody back in the do look a bit concerned. lol

  2. Wow, Amy.. just wow. ;)

    Actually this brings back such great memories of the good ol' days. Mom always helped us to be so dang fashionable. Good times.

    LOVE your post :) xo

  3. I think it's cool that you have a family full of bloggers! That way you can keep up with every thing even if you aren't always close to them. :)

  4. Have you ever been to This would fit RIGHT in!!

  5. i laughed so hard at this. i seriously need to dig deep to see if i can top that one! i just don't think i will be able to.

  6. ((sigh)) And this was one of the better photos taken of me during those awkward years...


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