Sunday, December 5, 2010

friday = blog baby playdate day.

i had such a blast at our bloggy moms girl's night out a while back, that i jumped at the chance to meet up again.  i loaded p-ray up in the car & drove an hour north to meet up with not only some of the same moms, but their super cute babies too.  it was so. much. fun.

it was so funny to see these little kiddos running around in real life.  when corbin came walking up to me, i couldn't help but blurt out something stupid like, "corbin! you really do exist!"

these guys are just as cute in person too.  here's the lineup:
{profile pics borrowed from a sorta fairytale. thanks mandy!}

{corbin}                  {ellie}                     {stella & rowan}                  {bennett}               {parker}

we had this grand idea to line up all the babies & get a cute picture of all of them in a row.  yeah, didn't go so well.  corbin was all over the place doing his own thing, rowan was feeding parker snacks & he wasn't exactly liking it {check out that bottom left picture. sad day!}, ellie was putting the moves on bennett & he wasn't feeling it, & stella... well, she actually did pretty good.

the babies all got a little stir crazy, so we headed outside for a stroll.

this lineup went much better.

parker & corbin reaching for each other.  parker's clearly rolling his eyes about all my picture taking.

playing with the new camera.  i love these shots of jill & corbin, & stella & melissa.

i can't say enough good things about all these girls & their babies.  i've had so much fun both times we've gotten together & leave each time excited for the next meet-up!

however, i wouldn't have been so excited if i'd known this was ahead of me:

awesome. seattle. traffic.  it took us two & a half hours to get home.  the picture in the middle shows me going 0 mph.  suh-weet.

definitely worth it though.  can't wait til next time!

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  1. lovely. i am so jealous of your little bloggy group. it is so nice when you can find a group of people you have something in common with and to hang out with and have fun.

    that first photo (top left) is so funny to me. that look between rowan and parker just makes me laugh.

  2. Ha ha thinking about all of those babies sitting there while we were trying to get their picture... they were probably thinking "what in the heck are we doing!". Poor babes... ah well. It is funny and worth it. Had SO much fun with you all and I am so happy I got to finally meet little P-ray!! Can't wait to do it again!

  3. i wish i had other mommy friends to do this with my little olivia comes in february :(

  4. SOOOO insanely jealous. It looked like fun!

  5. Babies Babies Babies! haha so cute!

  6. these pictures made me laugh so hard, i love seeing all of the babies together in one place...such craziness! hopefully soon henry and i will be joining in on the madness. ahhhh, i can only dream at this point :(


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