Thursday, December 30, 2010

top ten{ish} of twenty-ten

wow, it was really hard picking my top ten favorite pictures of parker.  the ones that made the cut for some reason or another just caught my eye tonight, but this is by no means an all-inclusive list.  ask me tomorrow & there will be others that are in my top ten too.

so, in chronological order, here are my favorite ten{ish} pictures of parker from the year twenty-ten:

1.  one day old

i've never posted this picture on my blog even though it is one of my favorites.  i remember this like it was yesterday.  i took it with my iPhone in the middle of the night in the hospital, during parker's first night out of my belly.  he was so perfect & i remember just marveling at this little human who was now completely dependent on my care. 

2.  two days old

another picture that isn't necessarily my favorite due to it's photographic genius.  this one takes me back, & completely encompasses what {newborn} motherhood is to me.  it's 3am, glasses on, spit up on your shirt, amazingness.  amazing because you are caring for this brand new little person who couldn't be any more angelic than seen right here.

3.  one month old

ok so i didn't take this one, my sister did.  but i did do the editing & it was taken in my living room in the days prior to my having a nice camera, & it's one of my absolute favorites.  from one month old, this little man was busting with personality.

4.  three months

this was taken with the webcam on my iMac.  it makes me laugh & i like it.  same eyes, different nose, different mouth.  we were pouting that i had to go back to work the next day.  boo.

5.  three months

ok, another one taken by my sister.  sorry, i'm totally breaking the "pictures must be taken by you" rule, but eh whatev, it's my blog right & that's how i roll.  plus, everything that came out of her camera seems to be photographic-parker-is-hilarious-and-adorable genius.  this face is so typical of parker.  he is SUCH a happy baby.

6.  four months

i had set p-ray down for a minute while i was getting ready to feed him.  apparently it only took a minute for him to get as into whatever game was on as sam was.

7.  six months

i loved my sweet little baby in these spooky skeleton pj's.  everyone said he looked like one of the bad guys from karate kid & that makes me laugh.  cause c'mon, what's funnier than a six month old doing karate?  parker definitely has some mad ninja skills.

8.  six months

this is not typical of parker.  he was so tuckered out after a night of halloween partying that he literally fell asleep without a peep in sam's lap while he was skyping with his parents.  i like to pretend he's a little ewok in this picture.  i really like ewoks.

9.  seven months

and here we are at the "kids do gross things" stage of life.  so soon?  apparently.

10.  seven & a half months
could this kid get any cuter?  could those cheeks be any more kissable?  no & no.  this little boy is so much fun.

and for good measure,
11.  eight months

i've posted this one on my photo blog, but not here.  this picture makes me happy for so many reasons.  a happy glowy baby, the holidays, a growing love {obsession} with photography, and cute polar bear pajamas.  it's a win win.

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  1. Aww, such sweetness!! He is so adorable.

    I was sipping some tea and almost spit out my drink when I saw #7... too funny!!! :)

  2. They are all adorable, but I love the last two. I have two boys and it was so hard to pick. ha ha.

  3. so I love all of the pics, but I love your story behind the newborn pics more. However, my husband (Sam) and I were both laughing out loud when we saw Parker licking the grocery cart. That one should be on a card or something. Fantastic and thanks for linking up!!

  4. That first picture is beyond words precious! They all are wonderful, but that one is just SOOOOOOOO cute!

    Funny enough I had a "cart licking" episode last night at Target, UGHHHHHHHHH! :)

    Happy New Year! Have a great weekend!

  5. LOL I love 6 & 9.They both made me laugh. He is so sweet :)

  6. LOL I love the 4 month and 7 month old photos! Hilarious. Your baby is adorable. I love your photos in general. What kind of camera do you use? Do you use photoshop or is it all picture talent? :)

  7. Oh my goodness, these are all so cute. He is too adorable!

  8. I die every time I see #6! So cute! He's so freakin cute. By the way, I have his sweatshirt. I will send it to you. :D

  9. Okay, your #4 picture cracks me up! I love that you two have like the same expression! Yup, that one is my favorite! But duh, every single photo is adorable!!! So hard to choose, huh??

  10. So fun and such great pictures! I absolutely love the one month old pic with the little bear hat. Parker is too cute!

  11. Love it! He is so cute. I love the newborn ones. I was just looking at Hayden's newborn stuff yesterday that I hadn't seen in a while. Brought back some memories. They are so fun, huh?
    Love you!

  12. I love them all! How do I pick a favorite? I love the 2 day old pic and the monkey hat pic.

  13. I love ALL of these! The first two are amazing. Isn't it just INSANE how much they change (and so quickly!)?!

  14. I LOVE the one of him 2 days old and the one of him with the Christmas lights. I seriously want to sit and stare at the one of him and the lights all afternoon, that's such an awesome picture!!

  15. I love all of these pictures!! The one with him in the hat where he is one month old made my heart just melt!!! I love all of them!!! The one in the monkey hat is another favorite!!

  16. Such cute photos! I think my favorite is the one where he is watching the game with Dad. I can imagine my husband doing the same thing with our kid someday. :)Happy New Year!

  17. Love the last one. Wow, what a cutie.

  18. It's been a VERY good year -- to say the least!

  19. WOW... I start to get teary eyed seeing how much he has grown :) My all time fav is the sock monkey hat!

  20. Parker looks so stinking perfect in the first picture.
    My favorite has to be either the monkey hat one or the last one with the Christmas lights. Great photography!

  21. What wonderful, sweet pictures.

    The one of him licking the shopping cart made me laugh so hard. I love kids.

  22. Oh gosh. He is so adorable :) this post warmed my heart.

  23. Oh! The one with the lil monkey hat is my fav! And I love the third pic too! Your lil one is so cute!

  24. Dude. Parker Ray is sooo cute! I am so in love with that kid and all his chub. I love the one with him and Sam, The itty bitty newborn one and the one with him licking the cart. He's the cutest and my favorite boy. I'm like dying to hold him! I can't wait!!

  25. This entry is the one that made me crack up the MOST! Man, you capture the most perfect PICTURE moments! Hilarious! I love the one of you and Parker (I think it was the 4months). HAHAH! PERFECT

    And licking the shopping cart? Are you kidding me? Brilliant that Parker is! Brilliant!

  26. these are SO CUTE! Ahh I love you guys Parker is just a doll

  27. Love the last 3! The Christmas lights are so fun and festive!! I love that you bring your camera to the grocery store. I do too!!!

    Thanks for joining and and linking up with us!

  28. Cute picture with the monkey hat.

  29. so stinking cute!


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