Tuesday, December 7, 2010

my wish list & some christmas cheer

i thought last night was the night.  we had made plans to go get our christmas tree & i had visions of stringing lights & hanging ornaments to jingle bells playing on itunes.  i was gonna take some sparkly tree pictures & get some mad bokeh all up in here today.  eh, it didn't happen.

let me back up.  every christmas since we've been in our house {this is the fifth} we have gone out & cut down a tree.  this year i knew i wouldn't be much help to sam hauling a tree back to our car with parker on one hip so we decided to take it down a notch & get a tree from the local ace hardware.  still a live tree {which is surprisingly better for the environment than an artificial!}, just less hassle.

we ran over to ace {cuz ya know, it's the place} to get our tree.  p-ray's all bundled up, i'm already crunching iso & f-stop numbers in my head figuring out how i'm gonna pull off some cool looking pictures & then we get there only to find out they were all sold out of trees for today.  come back tomorrow.  boo.

so.  maybe today is the day.

anywho... this gives me time to post my christmas wish list just in case santa reads my blog.  here goes.

i know christmas is the season of giving, & the spirit of christmas is not all about what you want.  but, the fact of the matter is that sam & i do exchange gifts & therefore i reserve the right to dream.  plus, this is my blog & i do what i want.

camera bag.

ever since i've gotten my camera i've pretty much not left home without it.  i've got one of those standard "lunch box cooler" looking camera bags which looks pretty awesome walking around fred meyer with {sike}.  also makes it difficult to carry around a normal purse & a small child.  one of these bad boys would solve all the world's problems.  you see, they fit all your camera accessories plus a few of your girly necessities.  it's a win-win.

the hardest part is deciding which one i love the most.

the lola in red from epiphanie, the ginger in brown from ephiphanie, or the rose in bronze from joe totes.


if you haven't heard of or seen these love-em-or-hate-em little shoes then well... maybe you don't own a mac?  yes, despite often being accused of being hipster shoes {i am no hipster} i think they're super cute.  and i want a pair.  which consequently means someone in a third world country gets a pair too.  another win-win.

again, it's hard to decide what color/style to get, but i like these little ones pictured above.


you may remember my brown boots disappointment episode from black friday shopping, since it's so hard to find just the right pair.  well, for a reasonable price that is.  boots are SPENDY.  but i can justify a good pair of boots as an investment since they would last forever... right?

i would be happy with any of the ones pictured above.  or all of them.

zip rain boots by steve madden, the king boot by miz mooz, or the gwynne tall boot by born.

and that about sums it up.  for now.  don't get your hopes up for me since our christmas budget allows for maybe one of these things.  but that would be just fine by me :)

and lastly,

i am super, duper, extra crazily excited about a pottery barn kids purchase i made last night.  like, really excited.  check these out:

so excited.

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  1. Ah!! That Rose in Bronze camera bag is my favey! I want it so badly!! Maybe one day!
    And those stockings.... I'm dying. I just showed them to Philip and he totally wants to do it! Maybe next year! Hope you don't mind if we copy you! :)

  2. those are all on my wish list too! good picks! and yes, love the stockings. we got corbin one last year after christmas on clearance and i love finally being able to use it!!!

  3. I want those boots!!! & the stockings are soo cute too!!!

    We got ours at all a dollar this year. HOLLA!!!!

  4. Oh I desperately need a camera bag. I've been using one of Joss' messenger diaper bags and its been driving me crazy!!! I love the Lola in Red one! That looks spunky!

    And, oh you so need a pair of those boots!

  5. Hoooorah for Toms...like seriously, No JOKE!!!! Hahahaha

  6. Every wish list I have seen (including mine!) has included a bag from Joe Totes. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I get one!

  7. OK, I am so outta the shopping loop... First of all- I LOVE THOSE 'camera bags'.
    Secondly- Toms??? wha?
    - super cute :)

  8. The stockings are adorable! I just ordered personalized stockings as well!! Waiting for them to come in.. :)

  9. Those stockings are cute. I want a new camera bag too!!!

  10. Love the idea of the camera bag for xmas - we just have the standard boy - nikon bag.. I never bring it anywhere. Hence.. Wyatt is mostly photo'd iphone style! A sweet message/purse looking one for christmas would be amazing!

    its your blog. you do what you want... esp if your hubs will go on and then buy exactly what you want. totally a win-win.

  11. So sad you didn't get your tree last night:( I like the last bag...the one with the flower on them. I love those shoes! I was in the same boat on what color and style I want so I haven't gotten a pair. :) Here's hoping for a good present from santa. Love the stockings too!!

  12. We have those stockings, too! All are in red with a different applique. They're so thick and soft. I want to snuggle with them every year when they come in from the shed! And when I ordered our first three the lady said they change those stockings up from time to time but not so much that they won't match when we'll need a fourth or fifth! Great pick!

  13. I now want a new cute camera bag!! I have one of those boxy bags. I did not know there were so many cute, fashionable camera bags!! And those stockings are so cute!!

  14. wow, that is just like my christmas wish list. i think i may have added a drop it modern back drop to it and i made our stockings. they look great but they are certainly not pottery barn beautiful.

  15. I love all of these finds, especially the camera purse, that's always tricky. Adorable blog you have here dear! You have such a beautiful family too, looking forward to being a new follower!


  16. Have you checked out zappos.com for your boot shopping? They have free shipping both ways and a 1 year return policy just in case your new boots aren't everything you hoped they would be.

  17. OMGGG i so need one of those bags for my camera!! I like the style of the red one, but not the color. I think i'd pick the rose in bronze. Thanks for this post!
    And you're right, boots are spendy, but really you can tell just by looking if people's boots are of good quality or not. Plus they're worth the money, you can wear them for years.
    We need stockings, too :) i like yours, pottery barn kids is the best

  18. Hooray for TOMS! Carl and I both have some and love them. They are soooo comfortable. And a good cause, too. Sorry about the tree stuff. That's always so frustrating when you have your heart set on something and you can't do it. You'll get it though, hopefully today!
    I like the rose bag the best. :)
    love you!

  19. I'm so excited that real trees are more environmentally friendly than fake! My friend was giving me crap about killing trees, so I'll have to tell her what a monster she is for destroying the environment with her artificial piece of junk ;)

  20. so going to pottery barn kids to get those stokings... they are great. by the way the red purse is my fave. as are the miz mooz boots. good luck and merry christmas

  21. of course christmas is about the presents- at least you are honest.

  22. thank to you. Good blog


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