Saturday, November 27, 2010

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics}


in case you missed it, the pac-northwest got buried in snow this week.  and by buried, i mean like, two or three inches.  yes, we openly admit that we don't know how to deal with snow here in seattle.  it's just how we are.

p-ray & i opted to stay in our pj's all day & watch the snow fall from the comforts of the living room.  he also took this time to work on his crawling skills.  he's getting close, & i'm not quite sure i'm ready for the mobile stage yet.


after sam got home from work, i was feeling pretty cabin-feverish.  two days in the house will do that to a person.  so guess where we all went?  you guessed it:  target.  a pair of $10 skinny jeans & a couple of cute tops later, i was feeling much better about life.


road trip day.  the drive to eastern washington to see sam's family usually takes five hours but apparently in icy-snowy conditions, this drive is increased to eight hours.  luckily p-ray was a trooper & didn't complain at all.  seriously, he cried maybe ten minutes max, the whole trip.  love my kid.


the day to give thanks.  we stayed in our pj's til three or four pm, parker played with cousins, sam played football, & we all ate lots of food.  later that evening we bundled up & headed downtown to check out the park all decked out in christmas lights {aka: an excuse for me to put parker in a bear suit}.


black friday.  we braved some of the crowds & i found my dream boots at macy's.  they were 50% off.  only problem is that the only available sizes were a 6 & a 6.5.  my size 8 feet couldn't make it work.  i'm still crying about this.  it just wasn't meant to be i guess.  but serioulsy?  how cute are they.

parker wasn't too impressed with all the black friday hype & chose to snooze on my shoulder most of the time instead.  

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  1. love this! Looks like you all had a great week =) Sadly I didn't take ANY pics this week with my phone. I'll be linking up next week though!

  2. great post! You are so on top of this. I forgot by Sunday! haha. Looks like you had a great weekend. :)

  3. Yay Parker for doing so well on the trip!! Looks like an amazing week (again!). Oh and those boots... just my size. You think they still have them ;-)

  4. ok..I'm commenting again bc I just found the coolest sight!
    It's called Blog2Print!

    cheap way to pint out your blog!

  5. Such cute pictures!! Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving week. That stinks about the boots!! I know how you feel. I'm a size 8 too. It is like the most popular size or something because there are never 8s on sale!!

  6. I LOVE these pictures! Very nice re-cap of your week!

  7. that first picture of parker makes me want to pick him up and squish him. man is he adorable!!! im so glad you made it to the inlaws safely too. and those boots! what a bummer.

  8. so cute! ok, this is going to be the only time that i admit that i am jealous of you iphoners.

  9. awesome photos! love them! parker is just a doll. I love seeing new pics of him.

    can't get the thumbnails/linky thing to show up on my post. what am I doing wrong?

  10. Looks like a great week! I'm your newest follower :)

  11. fantastic photos!! Parker is so super cute!

    those boots? adorbs! i want a pair (though i'd never wear them. lol)

  12. Love this! We also like staying in our pjs til 3 when it's looking gloomy outside.


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