Tuesday, November 23, 2010

on having another + {sponsor spotlight}

i swore it would never happen.  in between contractions while walking the halls of the hospital, i distinctly remember telling sam "i am never doing this again. EVER."  while caring for my newborn, i sometimes wondered how moms of multiple kids kept their sanity & figured i was destined to be a mother of one.

but somewhere between p-ray's birth & his {almost} seven month birthday, it has happened.  i can actually-kinda-maybe-sorta think about seeing myself have another baby.

i see girls with cute belly bumps & my heart beats a little faster.  i watch parker interact with other kids & imagine a house full of baby laughter.  i pack up his newborn clothes & get misty eyed wondering if they'll get put to use again some day.

this isn't a post to say we're trying.  oh h-e-double-hockey-stick no.  we are not trying.  now is not the time.

but maybe someday.  that's all.

sponsor love.

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  1. Looking at Parker every day, how could you not want another gorgeous little chunkers!? :)

  2. I think your readiness for another one completely depends on what kind of baby you have. M was such a hard baby that I crinched at the thought of ever having another one until she was about 20 months old. But with E, she was so easy and laid back that by the time she was 7 months, I was entertaining thoughts of more.
    I can't wait to see Parker tomorrow!! And you guys too. ;)

  3. That's pretty awesome - I need to write this down. For some reason, I really want a sock monkey!

  4. I said that after my first three were born...than the 4th one came along and she cried and cried and never slept and I can say now - we are officially done :)

  5. I had baby fever SO badly from the time Bennett was like 3-6 months. I really wanted another one. But now that he's older... I'm like "Wait, I'm not ready yet!!" And I think it's because he's so mobile now, I realize how much work it would be to have a newborn and a 1-2 y/o. BUT after my friends baby shower I kinda started getting envious... again. Ha ha. We'll see! I do know that I want a few siblings for B... so it'll happen. Just don't know when.

  6. Aww! Adorable post! Having more then one is awesome, now I want another. lol! Those sock monkeys are sooo cute!

  7. PJ party at P-Ray's house!! Thanks Parker for being a GREAT host!! :) I am IN LOVE with the pink princess one! I think it might end up under the tree for a little princess of my own.

  8. I had a horrible pregnancy with little g... I swore I would need a few years to forget that before I had another one... and I'm already starting to get baby fever.

    it's redonkulous.

    but I agree, parker is darling... I can see why you'd want another :)

  9. P-ray totally needs a sibling! I was an only child (and didn't mind one bit), but every so often it would have been nice to have a sibling.

  10. oh yes, i know this feeling too. whenever i think i dont want another baby i just think about how much fun it will be once they are older. oh and how adorable and sweet they are when they are teeny tiny and how they smell so yummy! also, i LOVED being pregnant so thats good. i cant wait to see parkers little brother or sister in the future!

  11. Thanks Amy for the post! Having 2 kids is double fun! I have 2 girls 15 months apart. Even though it's double trouble, double loudness, and more chaotic there are more laughs and more love. I say 2 is better, just make sure you are ready cause having 2 is a whole different ball game! With ours so close together, we never experieced the jealousy with our oldest. They've been best friends from day one.

  12. We did not get to be picky when we had our babies -- we were just grateful they came when they did! Those are adorable and beautifully made items from Turtle & Rye! I am gonna go heart her Etsy shop!

  13. Oh yeah...nothing like siblings! It's the best! :-) And I swear more kids is easier than fewer. They take care of each other - LOL! If I were younger (and wasn't sick the ENTIRE 9 months) I might even consider a 4th! No, that's crazy. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :-)

  14. I feel like I'll want another one fairly soon just because I already get misty-eyed at how quickly everything is going! But we'll see how I feel when I actually HAVE a babe, lol.
    And I hope that you guys have another one someday. Why? Well, because then your blog would be twice as cute!

  15. You sound exactly like I did! And now I'm almost full term with baby #2. It took me until Henry was three to really be READY, ready to have another one and be was an absolute ANGEL baby that gave us no issues. I also wanted to give my firstborn, my special little man, plenty of quality time with us. So he would have memories of being the only one, the focus of our lives, our special baby boy. I admit, I wish I would've had a second a tad bit sooner, just because so much time has passed and they'll be a bit far apart. But we're hoping that between two and three, there won't be quite the gap. OH YES, I'm not even out of the woods with fetus number two and I'm already thinking of number three...I've completely changed from those days of thinking I'd be a mama of one! It sneaks up on you! TOTALLY UNANNOUNCED!

  16. finn has those pjs, too. i love them!! and someday we'll have another, too. but not now. oh no! of course, i was ready during labor to do it all again, so i'm crazy.


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