Thursday, November 25, 2010

thankful thursday

{sorry such horrible quality.  taken by my phone,  in the dark}

today i am thankful for: {in absolutely no particular order}

family.  my best friend.  the kind of father sam is to parker.  their friendship.  our friendship.   moms.  dads.  sisters. sister-in-laws.  brother-in-laws.  grandparents.  baby-sitters.  date nights.  girlfriends.  crafts.  writing.  creating.  taking pictures.  making them pretty.  being able to go cool new places.  the sunshine.  the rain.  clouds.  clear skies.  hugs.  kisses.  flip flops. laughter. good tv & movies. peanut butter & jelly. good in-laws.  good food. iPhones. my religion. oreos. running, cycling, a good work out. funny youtube videos. animals.  turkey dinner.  a car that runs.  singing in the car.  baby gibberish.  baby squeals.  a warm place to live.  a cozy bed. good health.  safe travels in really crappy conditions.  good jobs.  living in a great country.  freedoms.  good talks.  new clothes.  ice cream. chocolate.  parker's giggles.  technology.  blogging.  hair.  music.  hearing.  skype.  eyesight.  gorgeous scenery.  sunsets.  sunrises.  amazing parents.  electricity.  aunts.  uncles.  memories.  blankets.  snow.  hot chocolate.  puffy coats.  warm boots.  sleeping in.  nursing.  modern medicine.   jokes.  vacations.  holidays.  snowflakes.  sports.  a husband that loves sports.  legos.  crafts.  inspiration.  service. 

happy thanksgiving.

what is one thing you're thankful for today?  

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  1. such a beautiful list!! love that photo, too!
    happy thanksgiving sweetie!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!! Have a wonderful day!!

  3. Happy thanks giving! Have a great Turkey Day!

  4. I love love love the photo! they are too friggin' cute.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. A great grateful list! I am also grateful to see you having such a happy, loving life... oxoxo


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