Wednesday, November 17, 2010

wordless{ish} wednesday & some bloggity business.

parker is a giggly kid... has been since he was twelve weeks.  he giggles a lot.  but for his dad?  he belly laughs.

check this out.

belly laughs for dad:

dancing fuzzy monkey from amylee on Vimeo.

courtesy laughs for mom:

parker courtesy laughs for mom from amylee on Vimeo.

ah well.  i'll take it.


on another note, i've been shown some awesome blog love from some of my favorite ladies!  thanks to northwest betty for giving us the "versatile blogger award", to nikki the fashionable wife for the "stylish blogger award", & to missy the domestic diva for the "lovely blog" award!

my apologies for not saying thank you sooner... i kept forgetting & then i would remember every time i went to your blogs.  you know, just like how you need to call someone but then when you think of it you can't do it but then when you could do it you don't think of it?  yup, same thing.

thanks ladies.

and one last thing

we are gonna be having another giveaway starting tomorrow!  exciting, right?  i am barely gonna be able to sleep tonight, i am so excited.  you think i'm kidding?  i'm not.  see ya back menana for that.

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care to spare two clicks?  we are now less than twenty votes from the top ten.  i'm not even joking. i would never joke about such serious matters.


  1. oh my goodness that laugh is killer! You can't help but smile

  2. oh my gosh what a cutie! baby laughs are the BEST.

  3. It better be all laughters and not crying in Hawaii! JK... kind of. Anyways I voted. top ten.

  4. Yea, I am completely put to shame when Matt gets home from work. It's like I just fade into the background- daddy is definitely THE funniest :)

  5. he has the best laugh ever! it's seriously contagious. as soon as i heard it i instantly started smiling.

  6. AH! Babies always give the best laughs to Dad! Parker has such an insanely cute laugh!! Those videos just made my morning!!
    Congrats on the awards!

  7. Very cute giggles! Such a happy little guy... can't wait to see & hear him in real life! & smooch those sweet cheeks! oxoxox

  8. Happy babies are the best!

    "Courtesy Laughs" had me laughing! I get those kind of laugh, too and now I have a word for it.

  9. Ha. I like the example of needing to call someone-I do that all the time. I had no expectations when I gave you the award, so you're in the clear! ;)

  10. That made my night! Nothing better than a gorgeous peanut laughing.

    Pie does the hand in the mouth while laughing thing's so cute!


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