Friday, November 26, 2010

black friday - four deals & a laugh

it's black friday & i have some deals to pass on to you.  who doesn't appreciate a good deal, right?

{except for when you're shopping at macy's & you find the perfect brown riding boots to wear over skinny jeans & they're even 50% off & then it turns out the only size they have in stock are a six & a half, & then you curse black friday all the way home.  just me?}

alright then, moving on:


20% off + free shipping now through December 8th.  type the code "P-Ray" in the seller notes & jamie will refund you, same day.

{weeds & wildflowers}

download free word art HERE.  just use checkout code "thankful4U" at checkout.
also, be sure to look around the shoppe as there are tons of items marked down for black friday.

{turtle & rye}

25% off everything in the shop... even custom orders, today only!  use checkout code "turtlefriday".  there are tons of super cute animals & color choices to choose from.  check it out.

{seven slings}

remember that sling i wore in my last steppin' out post?  well they've just given me another code for a free sling, & now i'm passing it on to you.  get one free sling per transaction using the code "Thanksgiving".  all you pay is shipping!

not looking for some awesome deals? 

ok then, how about a laugh?  so i'm at my in-law's for the weekend, & my sister in law showed me this video.  i might be the last one in the world to have seen this, which is often the case, but i thought i'd share it just the same.  it cracks me up.  if you like cute kids with cute accents, that alone is gonna make you love it.

be sure to watch all the way to the end for maximum english accent cuteness.  

do you think if i only talked to parker with an english accent he would grow up talking like this little boy?it's totally worth a try.

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  1. SO CUTE!
    And thanks for passing on the deals. Just what I need... another reason to buy {more} today, haha! :)

  2. Thanks for the code for the sling... I totally went and grabbed one.

    Love the video... best part is when the older boy says that really hurt and charlie starts laughing. my kind of kid, lol.

  3. So, I was at Macy's on Friday and got the perfect brown boots to go over skinny jeans, in a size 6 1/2. :) I'm sorry I just has to laugh reading that because I just got done telling my husband I HAD to buy them. $90 boots for $35!!

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