Tuesday, November 2, 2010

we like 'em short & stout

parker had his six month check up yesterday & as a parent, you wait for these "well baby" appointments to see where your kid stacks up against all the others on the charts.  even if you're not a parent, you know the ones.  the charts where everyone says, "oh yeah, my kid is in the 99th percentile for everything" or "my kid is a shrimp.  we're barely on the map."  you've heard it before.

why do we put so much stock into these silly percentages?  do they even mean anything?  well, if so, parker is destined to be a future george costanza.  i can already tell he's got the sense of humor.  and the hair.

he is:
weight - 18 pounds 14 ounces - 75%
length - 26 inches - 25%

short & stout.  but he is WAY cuter than george costanza.

in other news:

i started up a facebook page for "a good life."  i like to post regular updates & the such as on facebook, but when it gets excessive i worry that the-guy-from-my-eighth-grade-chemistry-class-who-i'm-facebook-friends-with-but-don't-really-know-anymore probably doesn't care a whole lot.  so i'm separating blogging from personal life just a wee bit more.

so go ahead & like us! find us here or by clicking that little "like" button in the facebook widget on my sidebar.  c'mon, it'll be fun.  and who knows?  maybe that chemistry-guy will even join up & then i won't feel so silly. 

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  1. Oh he's so stinkin CUTE! My doctor refuses to tell me the percentage...

    And I'm heading over to like your FB page now!

  2. So cute!! I love how chunky he is. :) I just liked your page.

  3. i freakin' HATE those percentages things. i think they were made for formula fed babies... which is fine, but not all babies fit into the "mold". wyatt is small and petite. 20lbs and 2 feet something. honestly, i'm not sure how tall he is. i never pay attention.

    your little babe is lookin' quite content chillin' on your bed!

  4. I think chunky babes are the cutest. And yes, DEFINITELY cuter than George from Seinfeld! :)

  5. No doubt...he's cuter than George Costanza!!

  6. SOOO sweet! I don't know why we pay attention to those percentile charts either...Mia is off the charts (LITERALLY) for her head size (in the big direction :) If you look at her you don't think, "WOW, hugh head!!!" (or at least I don't think so, but if I followed those charts, I'd be devastated! She's always had a big head, so it's okay! :)

    He's adorable and healthy so that's all that matters! YAY PARKER!! :)

  7. He is soo cute!!

    Like I told you before, I hate those charts. They really shouldn't have them. Do they put all our babies weight and height into a computer and compare them? Aren't we taught not to compare babies because each one is different. LAAAAME!!! My dr tries to not tell me what Kingston is at because he's not really even on the stupid chart anyways.

    You look like you got yourself a very healthy baby snuggly boy and that is all that matters. :)

    I voted and I "liked" your facebook page.

  8. WAYYYY better looking than George!!

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  10. Its OK to be on the shorter side... I should know! As long as he is healthy, what difference does it make?? Plus he's so darn cute it shouldn't matter!!

  11. Wouldn't it be awful if every time WE went to the doctor they gave us percentages?!? "Um...Mrs. Hulet, you are shorter than 95% of women your age and it appears you are done growing so you are stuck there for life." Ha!

  12. So cute! Niall is exactly the opposite- 75th for height and 25th for weight. That would be a cute pic to get the 2 of them standing next to each other ;)

  13. Hay lovely, I liked your page! Your little man is looking great!

  14. i never know what to think of the %, just hat he's bigger or smaller than such and such and that's it. finn an small and tall...but i can see that without a chart :)

  15. totally liked the page. cute pic :]

  16. I am 5'1, my husband is 5'6. Our 3 boys have NO HOPE. I used to hate those charts when they were babies - I always wanted to scream at them - well, what do you want me to do....put him on the rack at night?!?! But they are now 10, 8 and 7 and they are all absolutely evened out. So no worries - that first year of charts doesn't mean squat!a


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