Saturday, November 6, 2010

just because i love ya... {free weeds & wildflowers stuff}

after looking through some of the entries from thursday's giveaway, my sister gina {from weeds & wildflowers} saw that there were quite a few people who were new to the digi-scrapping world, so she has decided to offer up some pretty cool stuff exclusively for "a good life" readers! hooray!

so, for anyone out there who might be wondering how to get started, she's offering a beginner's tutorial & a starter kit to go along with it.  free.  to my readers.  woot woot!

every single one of ya will be able to go to weeds & wildflowers to download the free starter kit & get to playing with some digital scrapbooking stuff!  just put it in your shopping cart, use a schnazzy coupon code, & the kit is yours.
 {click to enlarge}
 this kit includes:

• three {3} super cute background papers
• ten {10} elements - including a flower, tag, swirly, ribbons, bow, & more
• one {1} template where you can just drag & drop the photos & elements you choose
• one {1} quickpage that is completely made up for you, where you can just drop your photo in!

i used the quickpage to scrap my steppin' out picture from this post.  pretty cute, right?

so here's how this goes down.

first - download the starter kit using coupon code "STARTNOW"
second - check out the beginner's tutorial for some ideas of how to get started
{optional} third - if you don't have photoshop download a trial version
fourth - play with your fun free stuff
{mandatory} fifth - enter our weeds & wildflowers giveaway because you're gonna be addicted to digi-scrapping & will need a shopping spree in the shoppe

you know what, you could pretty much do those first three steps in any order.  just sayin'.

oh, & that fifth one isn't really mandatory, i guess it's more like suggestatory. 

and most importantly, when you use this stuff, be sure to come back here & let me know.  we would all love to see it!  this is fun, right?

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  1. Thank you so much for the gorgeous FREE kit! What a great way to start digi-scrapping!

  2. That is so cute! I have never really been into digital scrap booking, but I kinda wanna. I just am so consumed at the computer already (editing, blogging, FB...etc) I feel like my husband would lose his marbles if I started something else, too! ha ha.

  3. My hubby just bought me the Photoshop elements software so I can start digital scrapbooking. We have a new little guy (just 3 weeks old) and I know there is going to be so much for me to do with it! Thanks for the free kit and for the lesson. I'm going to need it!

  4. I love digital scrapping! I am a consultant for a digi-scrap company called Heritage Makers. its the bomb everyone should try it!

    I LOVE that collection is so cute! the header you made is awesome too!

  5. Very cute job with the layout, Amy!

  6. Thank you! I have been taking a picture every day since Jan 2009, but need to get going on a book to put them all in!

  7. I am so excited! I can't wait to start learning. Thanks so much!!

  8. Your sister's site is super cute, but I've never scrapped online before. Thanks for the free starter kit!


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