Monday, November 22, 2010

high chairs, steppin' out {shopping}, & basketballs

two weekends ago sam laid around the house & complained of boredom.  that's what happens after one weekend of no plans.  the guy doesn't like sitting still!

so last weekend, after spending the morning deep cleaning & organizing our house, we set off for an adventure.  the adventure consisted of driving fifteen miles south to eat burgerville {yum} & hit up some outlet stores.  go crazy!

p-ray has the high chair thing down.  it's awesome.  i'm totally loving being able to eat my food without wrangling a wriggly child.  he loves sittin in his own chair & enjoying the view from where he's at.  and where he's at is table height, which is totally convenient for sucking the edges of the table... if you're into that sorta thing.

and parker's definitely into that sorta thing.

hat - roxy {bought in sydney. ahhh, memories!}
hoodie - nordstrom
tank - target
puffy vest - old navy
jeans - gap skinny jeans
boots - uggs, nordstrom  
{say what you will about uggs, but i will tell you they are like walking in a couple of dreams} 

hoodie - baby gap
jeans - baby gap
shoes - old navy
sling - seven slings

this is my standard mom attire.  i am usually found in a hoodie & boots.  i switch up the hoodie from day to day {usually} & am working on getting some new boots.  it's on the christmas list. 

this is one of those slings that has been seen all over the blogosphere.  you know, the ones that are "free" with the cost of shipping?  i actually love it.  i use it every. single. day.  target, grocery shopping, the mall.  parker loves being worn & can go hours hanging out in there.  and i can use two hands!  love it.

if you wanna see what other mamas around the blogosphere wore this weekend, check out mandy's blog by hitting the badge above.

and lastly, parker got his first basketball this weekend.  as you can see, it was love at first sight.  and no, we weren't paid to strategically place the nike swoosh like that in the picture.  i promise.

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  1. oh man! i remember being so stoked when wyatt could finally sit in a high chair at a restaurant! but you know, it's short lived. now he wants out of that thing and to be free. enjoy him being oblivious to the fact that he could be free.

  2. just tell me that you wiped down that table with sanitizer before Parker started sucking on it...? Because once you do, I can stop thinking about the other babies or Pomeranians that also sucked on that table...And, think about how, as always, Parker is totally adorable!! :)

  3. Good job pulling off skinny jeans and uggs. I applaud you (and might also be a little jealous) ;)

  4. Oooh I loved it when I started putting Bennett in the "big boy high chair". It was like a whole new world for him!... and makes enjoying your food SO much easier.
    Cute outfit, on both of you!! Love love your vest. I don't think I could pull that off, but you do it well my dear.

  5. Cute outfits. You are so skinny. I am jealous. I guess I need to get off my butt and exercise.

  6. My need to squish Parkers cheeks just grows every time I see pictures!!

  7. Fill me in on the "free" sling offer!!!! PS: I LOVE Uggs!!

  8. stopping by from mingle mondays! you two are sooo adorable! love your blog! :)

  9. hi there. i'm a lurker, but now i'm commenting. i think i may have commented before, but i'm a total wimp when it comes to commenting on new blogs (i always think people will immediately label me a total loser). i have to say, the highchair phase was so great! but like jess said, my boy wanted out of that bad boy before i could smile and take a picture of him in it. enjoy this phase...confinement while eating! AND i love baby gap, too. and those skinny jeans you have on? hello, hot mama! wishing i could pull off skinny jeans now...crying real tears...

  10. I love these steppin' out posts! SO cute! :-) And yeah, isn't it great when they can finally sit in a high chair on their own and you can actually eat! :-) And sucking on tables builds their immune systems, right? ;-)

  11. so you guys are too cute! I have a question about your sling. I love it!I have horrible back problems because my child is a chunker and requires me to carry him around constantly. I use the Ergo and LOVE it but it is kind of alot to put on. Do you think the sling you have on would be enough support for my back?

  12. Oh man, he LOVES that basketball! And good luck with the high chair because Niall can't stand being in it for more than 5 min anymore :(

  13. Found your blog from Mingle Monday! It's too cute - I love all of your pictures! You have a precious family!

  14. Stopping by from SOS. You look adorable and super cozy! Love your outfit :)

  15. you look comfy and adorable. two things i have a hard time pairing together.

  16. Oh the snow! We are loving it to except we want it gone by wed morning. The first picture of Parker and Same holding the basketball is sooo funny. His face is priceless. See ya soon at the THANKSGIVING 2010, Nielson style.

  17. Uggs are like walking on pillows. I love. You and Wyatt look so great! xx

  18. I love your vest and your jeans too. (perfect casual cool)

  19. Thanks for visiting, and yes, you can link up every week here too ;-) Hope you're having a great week. xx

  20. I thought about getting one of those slings with the "free" code, but my son likes to bend backwards in slings, so I decided not to. Was I wrong?


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