Tuesday, November 16, 2010

windstorms, earthquakes, & bonus sam time

well the last twenty-four hours have been nuts for us pacific northwestern-ers.  a crazy windstorm last night & a random 4.2 magnitude earthquake at 8:00 this morning have completely upset our normal routine.  didn't see that coming.  i can't remember the last time i saw/heard/felt winds as strong as last night's {if ever} & our yard now looks like a war zone.

...that is, if lots of leaves, branches, & random debris were used in wars.

here are some pictures from around the area, but please note that none of these pictures are of my house/yard/road & i didn't take these pictures.  they were all borrowed from here.

crazy right? we were pretty lucky though.  we weren't really affected by the storm & we didn't even lose power even though most people around us did.

the lights were flickering a ton though, so i had sam get out a couple flashlights.  of course he goes for the mag light & then proceeds to shine it in my eyes every chance he got saying dumb things like, "miss, how much have you been drinking tonight?" and thinking it was hilarious.  i think i'll be seeing blobs of white behind my eyelids for days now.  awesome.

and, after getting up & heading out to work like normal this morning, sam got to his office to find they were out of power too. so he got to come home for a couple hours until the power came back on.  parker enjoyed having his dad to hang out with around the house this morning.

and i enjoyed it too. mostly because i got to take a nice medium long shower & not even use p-ray's nap time to do it.  but also because it was nice having sam around.

i always get weird mixed emotions about natural disasters.  it's totally exciting, & i'm always sad when life goes back to normal & life isn't all disrupted by it anymore.  is that weird?  but in the midst of it, i always kinda freak out too.  like, if the power goes out at least we have internet through our phones.  but what if our phones die?  then i can charge them in the car.  but then what if the gas runs out?  well we can walk to the gas station a mile away.  well what if they run out of gas because everyone else is stocking up??

yeah, it's weird.  then i resolve to always keep my phone charged above 75%, keep my gas tank above half full, & keep lots of batteries handy for flashlights.  then life goes back to normal & i forget.  oops.

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  1. This might be easier than walking to the gas station :-)


  2. marilyn, you just blew my mind. i'll rest easy tonight knowing such a thing exists. but it probably won't help bc i'd have to actually buy it for it to do something which i probably won't do out of pure laziness. but thanks for the suggestion!!
    {PS: glad your cookies turned out delicious.}

  3. I have to say I am so glad you keep a tank full of gas in your car! That is really a big preparedness necessity! There are some things in this world where nothing else will do... like toilet tissue, gas in the car, etc.

  4. you're funny. but that damage is not.

  5. Holy Moly!
    Glad you were largely unaffected... other than getting some time in :)

  6. That's crazy! I would be so scared if I ever felt an earthquake. I'm never prepared for power outages. We don't even have a lighter. I better get on that ;)

  7. That is crazy! Glad you weren't too affected.

  8. woah!! those pictures are crazy business. I was cracking up about what your hubby was saying when he was shining it in your eyes. Silly Silly man. P-ray is so stinkin cute!!

  9. I was thinking about that yesterday - we don't have landlines and if our phones die, how do we get in touch with people? We don't even have a radio to listen to the news if we needed to! Might need to do some emergency planning...

  10. sam sounds JUST like ryan. little brat husbands! haha
    also? holy crap i hate wind! and earthquakes even though i didnt feel this one. but there are huge trees in my backyard and a tree fell on a house down the road last winter and IM SO SCARED! we stayed at ryans parents that night!
    i think earthquakes are pretty neat too {as long as no one gets hurt of course} but i remember that one in like 98-200??? and i was just standing there watching the concrete floor ROLLING! so weird!


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