Saturday, November 20, 2010

weekday recap - {in iPhone pics}

this is gonna be a new weekly feature here on "a good life", but it's not something i thought up all my own.  it's something i've seen a few places around the blogosphere {like here & here}.

after talking to a few other bloggers who thought making "a week in camera phone pics" blog hop would be fun, we decided a linky should be posted so we can get this party started.

here we go.


pre-bedtime family time.  parker thinks his dancing fuzzy monkey is hilarious.  like, red-in-the-face belly-laugh hilarious.  here's video proof of the hilarity.


sam got to work from home this morning because his office lost power due to the seattle windstorm of 2010.  parker liked having dad home for the a.m., & i liked taking a long shower that wasn't eating up nap time.  oh yeah, & having sam home was pretty fun too.


p-ray & i cheered sam on during his last city-league basketball game of the season.  bonus points if you can spot sam.  hint: he's not under the hoop.


i made apple crisp for dessert.  it was so good i decided to have some for breakfast on friday, too.  seemed easier than making a bowl of cereal.


parker & i met up with whitney & adorable little poppy for some tasty bbq.  fun fact about poppy: she's exactly one month to the day younger than parker.  fun fact about parker: he's definitely trying to put the moves on poppy.  unfortunately for him, i don't think she's feeling it. 

fun fact about bbq: you know it's gonna be good when the restaurant has a neon pink pig sign out front.

so there ya have it!  my week in review.

there's only one rule to linking up... your pictures have to be taken by your camera phone.  that's it! you don't even have to have a picture for every day.  got one camera phone pic of something fun from this week?  link up!

grab the code below & put it in your post to have the linky with all the thumbnails show up on your blog too.  the more kids who come out to play, the more fun it will be, right?

grab the code here:

...and get on our linky here!

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  1. A bunch of cute photos! great idea to post the entire week...

  2. A very cool idea for a blog hop! Looks like a really good week!... and your lunch looked yummy :-)
    Sadly, I will not be able to participate in this cool blog hop. I removed the internet from my phone and lost my data cable too (DOH!). So... yeah, no way to get pictures of my phone. Boo!

  3. Awesome idea! Count me in for next week!

  4. tuesdays picture of sam playing with parkster is so sweet! and i too eat delicious baked goods the next morning for breakfast! crisps are my fave! this week in iphone pics is going to be a fun little ditty!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE Friday! Parker & Poppy = the cutest.

  6. FUN!! Such a cute idea! I'm in next week:)

  7. cute idea! I played along is that the apple crisp you had to go get out of the oven when you were talking to me?

    Sam is the one wearing red shorts? am I right am I right?

    Oh and in my post I have a picture of Kingstons poop on the floor. hahaha i'm soo mean! ;)

  8. Great idea!

    Looks like a fabulous week.

  9. You and PARKER look super cute in that photo:) LOVE IT!! COOL idea too... I want to go to the NEON PINK PIG PLACE. YUMMMMM

  10. So cute! Looks like a fun week.

  11. Thank you so much for doing the linky!! I can't take all the credit for the idea, I copied the first iPhone post from Emily at, but I hope now we can all link up and see everyone's pics. I LOVE seeing the little spur-of-the-moment snapshots of people's lives rather than the fancy camera pictures.

  12. Super cute pics. I want some apple crisp!

  13. I love this idea! But I have no idea how to make the linky thing show up on my blog. My blog stupidity is really showing now...


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