Wednesday, November 24, 2010

wordless{ish} wednesday: photobooth fun

at {almost} seven months, this little boy is so. much. fun.

he's a giggler, a thumb-sucker, a crawler scooter, a babbler, & a cuddler.  he's in such a fun stage that i told sam yesterday i'd be ok if he stayed this age forever.  he is incapable of doing anything intentionally bad, he can self entertain with his toys around him for a pretty decent amount of time, he gets so excited when he sees us, & everyday he is doing something new.

so this is why people have kids, huh?

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  1. aw! that is a good age! you're right. oooooooooh soooooooooooo right. man, i'm typing this as wyatt is throwing his food on the floor because he decided that he was done/doesn't want it/didn't like it.

  2. I just want to nom on those cheeks so bad!!

    7 months is the start of so much fun. Pie is 10 months now and she's still a blast!

  3. seriously, the cheeks are amazing. and the robot shirt? so cute. i'm dying a slow, painful death looking at all these mommy blogs.

  4. His cheeks! His chin! I DIE! So cute.

  5. we need to plan a playdate soon! he is sooo sweet!

  6. I know right!? I love that age. My little boy is 9 months old and still the same way. Entertains himself ect. Having kids is a gift!

  7. Aw! I love that bottom right photo! His smile is so contagious. I love photobooth! And I love babes at this age... they are such a blessing!!

  8. SUCH adorable pictures of you two! i want to meet him so bad!!!

  9. he's sooooooooo cute! I love it.

    p.s. every time I visit your blog, I hear in my head, "yeah, this is gonna be a good life... a good good life..."


  10. Yeah, I'm vividly remembering 7 months as being THE best age so far- they can laugh and smile and scoot and play, but you don't have to run after them yet :)

  11. Fun pictures, today as always! Such a sweetie!

  12. Love 7 months! It really is the perfect baby age. He is too cute :)


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  14. i think that a lot - so THIS is why ppl have kids - and then he gets older and even cuter! carter's just started walking and i can't remember ever being this proud & excited
    i love the pictures, what a great smile!! xox

  15. what a happy boy!! he is so smiley and adorable :)


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