Monday, November 1, 2010

cider mills, skunks, & steppin' out.

i am loving this time of year.  so many fun & festive things to do & lugging p-ray around to do them all just makes it better.  he's such a cool kid & just goes with the flow.

on saturday we went with sam's family to the cedar creek grist mill in woodland, wa.  once a year they press eight-thousand pounds of apples into fresh apple cider with the help of volunteers & good ol' fashioned man-power.  we waited in line for over an hour & a half in freezing, wet weather to get our hands on some of this stuff.  check out that line {top left photo}.  that picture was taken from where we were standing in line, so you get an idea of how many people are into this stuff.

once we got our gallon of cider i had to chug it from the jug.  waiting in line for that long really made me start craving apple cider.  and yeah, it was pretty tasty.  it was like a bunch of apples melted & had a delicious explosive party in my mouth.

that night our church held its annual halloween party & p-ray made his skunk costume debut.  big hit.  i had a ton of people ask me if i made his costume which made me feel a bit lame to say no over & over.  i'm just not at that level of domestication yet.  maybe some day.  {probably not}

on sunday i got to wear some new {to me} threads i picked up while thrifting in portland on friday while sam fished.  we're gonna call this pic our weekly "steppin' out" shot, mmm k? 

button up shirt - baby gap
long sleeved shirt - old navy
khakis - old navy
shoes - target

skirt - thrifted
shirt - american eagle
sweater - thrifted
purse - kenneth cole - thrifted! holla! i {love} this purse.  it's in such good condition!

to see more mamas showing off their style, check out harper's happenings by hitting the badge above.  if you're feeling even more daring, go ahead & link up with your own steppin' out post.  it's fun. and everyone's doin it.

and then there was halloween day.  we didn't do too much on halloween besides nap, hand out candy, make cookies, & watch a couple spooky flicks.  i did however insist that parker wear his costume one more time to make the day legit.  i'm glad i did because it may be one of the cutest things i've ever seen & i can't get enough of him in that little skunk get-up.  can ya blame me?
to see what parker looked like as a result of this crazy weekend, go down one post or click here.  he finally couldn't keep his eyes open any longer & fell asleep on sam's lap without warning.  so if your kid passes out while sitting up & still wearing his costume, you can chalk it up to a successful halloween, right?  i would say so.

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  1. I'm loving his costume!! Too cute!

  2. Now that is one adorable skunk!! SOOOO cute! :) I hope he had a wonderful 1st Halloween! :)

  3. I know I keep saying it...but I seriously want to nom on that gorgeous little stinker!!

    And awesome thrit on the's fantastic!!!

  4. That costume is so adorable! How cute.

  5. First of all, his costume is so adorable!! But you totally should have lied and said you made it!! He is just so cute in his little costume!! And I can't believe you waited that long for cider! I would have gotten irritated after 10 minutes and left. Must be some good stuff!! So glad you had a good halloween!!
    PS: Totally impressed with your thrifted purse! What a score!!

  6. I love his costume and your outfit! So cute!

  7. Oh, goodness! LOVE that little stinker. :o)

  8. Oh man! What a cute skunk! :-) You're entire weekend sounds like you had such a great time! And why is it that I can never find good clothes when I go thrifting. I love that skirt! Seriously cute!

  9. Oh my gosh, that skunk costume is ADORABLE!!! He's so cute that I don't need candy - he's all the sweetness I can handle!!! Awwww!!

  10. What an amazing costume! Halloween gets so much better when you get to dress up a little one!

  11. Great job on the costume, even if you didn't make it. I'm not quite there yet either with my domestication.
    He is so cute! And so are you miss hottie in the cute skirt.
    I love you!

  12. Oh my goodness, cutest skunk evah! That's hysterical! You are so blessed to have such a beautiful family; you really are. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  13. LOVE the skunk costume! That is so creative- I don't think I've ever seen a baby skunk before. Glad you guys had fun :)

  14. i can't wait for wyatt to get older so we can FULLY enjoy halloween.

    i'm so JEALOUS of where you live! it looks like there's a ton of awesome things to do. everything looked beautiful.

  15. I love his costume! You are gorgeous.


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